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Located Hwy 24W, Spout Springs, NC.
GPS Co-ordinates: N 35 16.847' W 079 05.999' Elev. 478'

Cameron Hill Church Cemetery was surveyed on March 26, 2003. Transcribed and compiled by Julia Gambrell from pictures taken at the cemetery. This is a complete listing except for any unmarked graves.

If you believe that you see an error or an omission and would like us to update this list, please send us the information. Click here to make an update request.

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Last Name First Name Middle Birth Date Death Date Title or Epitaph
? A. G.   18- Jul-1796 (old slate stone, Scottish style, no last name)
? Damie     (rough granite river rock)
? Keeter      
Atkins Broadus H. 31-Mar-1920 23-Apr-1963 SC MSGT 25 Trans CO TC WWII Korea ARCOM
Atkins Calvin Ernest 15-Jul-1927    
Atkins Calvin Ernest, Jr. 8-Aug-1950 11-Feb-1994 Father of Dustin and Adam Atkins
Atkins Donald Hugh 24-Nov-1949 17-Feb-1968  
Atkins Edna 30-Nov-1918    
Atkins Eunice McCormick 16-Aug-1924 3-Feb-1972 Mother
Atkins Fred 3-Apr-1924 30-Apr-1980 CPL US Army WWII, Come unto me
Atkins Hazel Melton 27-Nov-1928 29-Nov-2000 Married 4 Jul 1949
Atkins Jimmie H. 3-Mar-1942 5-Apr-1976  
Atkins Twin Sons   12-Jul-1952 Twin Sons of Fred & Edna M. Atkins
Baker Billy Joe 14-May-1943 12-Sep-1969  
Barefoot Isabella B. 28-Nov-1872 22-Sep-1959  
Barefoot Marion R. 11-Oct-1892 10-Dec-1963 Married 12 Nov 1913
Bartley Nealer McLean Buchanan 17-Jun-1903 22-Sep-2000 Mother, An inspiration to all who knew her.
Bartley Willie S. 19-Jan-1922 27-Dec-1993 MM2 US Navy WWII
Bass Adelle M. 2-Jun-1924 23-Nov-1993 Mother
Bland Isabella Cameron 20-Jan-1852 16-Jan-1897  
Bolten N. A. 12-Sep-1861 19-Feb-1924  
Bolton Mary Margaret Ann 10-Feb-1838 2-Dec-1913 Gone, but not forgotten.
Bolton Wm. A. 10-Feb-1860 12-Dec-1862  
Brafford Aaron 1874 1933 Gone, but not forgotten.
Brafford Beulah 13-Nov-1910 7-Apr-1954  
Brafford Maggie C. 31-Aug-1883 7-Jan-1965  
Breland Hilda B. 27-Oct-1934 22-Feb-1972  
Brown Earl Gilbert 24-Oct-1959 16-Jul-1982  
Brown Elizabeth Cameron 21-Aug-1925 20-Jul-2001  
Brown Gilbert 19-Sep-1921 3-Apr-1976 S1 US Navy WWII
Buhmann Sophie 3-Jun-1864 30-May-1934  
Buie A. C. 28-Jun-1828 20-Nov-1883  
Buie A. C. 28-Jun-1828 20-Nov-1883  
Buie Nellie 16-Apr-1786 1-Aug-1838 Sacred to the memory of
Caligan Elinor Smith 22-Feb-1869 24-Jun-1955 Mother, Wife of James Alexander Caligan, minister and long time resident of this community. Jesus said to her, "I am the resurrection and the life." John 11:25
Cameron A. D. 17-Jun-1847 30-Dec-1923 Gone, but not forgotten.
Cameron A. D. 17-Jun-1847 30-Dec-1923 Gone, but not forgotten.
Cameron Alec 1885 1955  
Cameron Alice 15-Sep-1851 27-Jul-1937 A tender mother and a faithful friend.
Cameron Allen Ray 22-Nov-1923 19-Feb-1985 TEC5 US Army WWII
Cameron Allen   29-Sep-1832 Behold, ye strangers passing by, as you are now so once was I: As I am now soon thou must be, prepare for death and follow me.
Cameron Andrew 26-Apr-1830 31-Jul-1919  
Cameron Annie Gladys 18-Jan-1937 25-Oct-2001  
Cameron Annie M. 11-May-1916 17-Jul-1994 In loving memory
Cameron Ben D. 28-Oct-1903 18-May-1958  
Cameron C. A. 17-Jan-1865 18-Feb-1938  
Cameron C. H. 14-Apr-1849 16-Dec-1929  
Cameron Carl 27-Apr-1907 25-Apr-1932  
Cameron Cattie B. 13-Apr-1879 19-May-1909 Wife of J.D. Cameron, ?
Cameron Cattie Darroch 13-Feb-1875 24-Jun-1957 Wife of D.B. Cameron
Cameron Cattie W. 12-Nov-1904    
Cameron Christopher H. 1903 1963  
Cameron Clifton McLeod 17-Sep-1918 23-Jun-1920  
Cameron Colin Hector 23-Apr-1889 16-Dec-1929  
Cameron Colon C. 1875 1952  
Cameron D. A. 23-Jul-1853 19-Apr-1921 Gone, but not forgotten.
Cameron D. Harmon 21-Nov-1910 28-Mar-1936  
Cameron Daniel B. 1-Nov-1857 13-Sep-1926 Faithful Father, At rest.
Cameron Daniel E. 28-Oct-1828 3-Dec-1904 In loving memory of our Father, Aged 76 yrs.1 mo. & 5 days, One precious in our hearts is gone, The voice we loved is still; A place is vacant in our home which never can be filled.
Cameron David Hector 2-Oct-1925 1-Jul-1957 NC PVT HQ CO 26 Infantry Regt WWII
Cameron Donald G. 3-Dec-1933 1-May-1996  
Cameron Dougald C. 25-Dec-1850 30-May-1917  
Cameron Duncan David 21-Feb-1902 13-Dec-1974  
Cameron Elizabeth Lee 7-Jun-1869 22-Apr-1965  
Cameron Emily Florence 22-Sep-1871 30-Sep-1877 Dau. Of D.E. & M. Cameron, Asleep in Jesus
Cameron Ernest McL. 10-Sep-1892 23-Aug-1965  
Cameron Etta F. 12-Apr-1942   Together Forever
Cameron Eugene Franklin 14-Sep-1925 21-Jan-1992 US Air Force WWII, Rest in peace
Cameron Evelyn B. 22-Jul-1918 7-May-1919  
Cameron F. Kate 1-Mar-1842 5-May-1919 Wife of W.J. Cameron, Asleep in Jesus
Cameron Fannie S. 1883 1962  
Cameron Fannie 6-Mar-1878 14-Mar-1927 Wife of A.B. Cameron, As a wife, devoted; As a mother, affectionate; As a friend, ever kind and true.
Cameron Fred M. 1-Jun-1913 6-Sep-1979  
Cameron Hugh Archie 25-Aug-1832 10-Jul-1905  
Cameron Ida J. 10-Apr-1886 7-Feb-1958  
Cameron Infant Son   1791 Cameron Hills First Grave Inf. Son of Allen & Mary S. Cameron 1791 Body brought from Bladen Co. by brother on horse back.
Cameron Infants   11-Sep-1905 Infants of S.A. & J.B. Cameron
Cameron Isabella   27-Sep-1834 Wife of Allen Cameron, Aged 67 years
Cameron Jennie B. 29-Jul-1876 10-Apr-1936 Mother
Cameron Jessie 29-Nov-1919 24-Jun-1923 Son of Robert & Thaddie Cameron, Our loved one.
Cameron Joe 27-Jan-1899 21-Apr-1981  
Cameron John A. 14-Dec-1823 20-Jan-1916 Aged 92 yrs. 1 mo. 6 days. He has gone to the mansions of rest.
Cameron John B. 26-Oct-1872 1-Oct-1882 Son of D.C. & M.E. Cameron
Cameron John D. 15-Dec-1885 23-Dec-1937  
Cameron John Pat 9-Nov-1914 28-Mar-1936  
Cameron Katherine Isabella 21-Jul-1869 24-Jun-1946 There are no partings in heaven.
Cameron Katie A. 18-Dec-1864 26-Jan-1944  
Cameron L. D. 18-Mar-1810 31-May-1872  
Cameron Lem. 1-Aug-1872 22-Nov-1896  
Cameron Lillian 15-Apr-1902 7-Dec-1974  
Cameron Lonnie Lee 4-May-1904 24-May-1962  
Cameron Lou Hopkins 12-Jul-1889 26-Feb-1962  
Cameron Louise Rosser 9-Feb-1926 15-Oct-2000 Mother, Wife of Ray Cameron.
Cameron Lula J. 2-Nov-1899 13-Feb-1900 Dau. of C.A. & M.E. Cameron
Cameron Lula W. 27-Feb-1911 6-May-1999  
Cameron Mamie E. 28-Apr-1870 10-Jul-1924  
Cameron Margaret Swann 29-Sep-1887 19-May-1967  
Cameron Margaret 24-Dec-1846 17-Jan-1917 Wife of D.E. Cameron, Gone but not forgotten.
Cameron Margaret 30-Jun-1817 9-Jul-1890 Wife of W.D. Cameron, She is not dead, but sleepeth.
Cameron Marion 5-Mar-1867 27-Aug-1943  
Cameron Martha Smith 6-May-1876 25-Oct-1952 Gone, but not forgotten.
Cameron Mary Eliza 14-Apr-1881 29-Jan-1964  
Cameron Mary Eliza 13-Jun-1840 9-May-1919  
Cameron Mollie 8-Apr-1854 11-Jan-1927 Wife of D.A. Cameron, She was the sunshine of our home.
Cameron N. W. 5-Oct-1849 14-May-1917 Elizabeth Cameron His Wife
Cameron Neil D. McLeod 8-May-1882 8-May-1938  
Cameron Neill Mar-1880 4-Dec-1894 (stone broken)
Cameron Nona Belle 5-Oct-1913 12-May-1914  
Cameron R. McD. 18-Mar-1862 28-Jan-1937  
Cameron Rebecca C. 24-Apr-1946 8-Jun-1977 Mother
Cameron Robert 22-Jul-1886 24-Oct-1937 The Lord is my shepherd.
Cameron S. Albert 16-Aug-1912 26-Aug-1941  
Cameron Samuel A. 24-Feb-1876 24-Jan-1950 Father
Cameron Thaddie T. 24-Aug-1895 28-May-1958  
Cameron Thomas M. 23-Jul-1872 26-Mar-1947  
Cameron Thomas 1915 1997  
Cameron Tom. (Cooper) 10-Mar-1814 21-Mar-1902 Aged 88 years & 11 days.
Cameron W. Raymond 27-Mar-1935 25-Feb-1966  
Cameron Walter A. 4-Dec-1939   Father, Love is forever
Cameron Walter T.   9-Feb-1945 Infant
Cameron Watson A. 1901 1963  
Cameron Waylon 28-May-1931 11-Mar-1933 Son of Ben & Lula Cameron, Budded on earth to bloom in heaven.
Cameron William Archie 20-Nov-1897 24-Mar-1940  
Cameron William D. 6-Mar-1899 15-Oct-1972  
Cameron William D. 3-Oct-1813 1-Oct-1867 He was beloved by God and man.
Cameron William J. 15-Jan-1835 16-Oct-1908  
Cameron William James 12-Oct-1891 13-Aug-1894  
Cameron Z. V. 25-Apr-1873 2-Jul-1939 Bud
Cameron Ina J.   13-Mar-1916 Wife of Oscar Cameron, Aged 46 yrs. May she rest in peace.
Campbell Amy Kate 5-Feb-1891 30-Dec-1925  
Campbell Edward 5-Jul-1921 18-Jan-1944  
Campbell Layton L. 17-Oct-1923 27-Apr-1970  
Campbell Mary   23-Feb-1821  
Carpenter Elsie Douglas 6-Feb-1926 29-Sep-1962 Wife of Charlie Carpenter
Childs Krystal Sheree 29-Nov-1984 4-Feb-2000 Spread your wings and prepare to fly my beautiful butterfly.
Cochrane Catherine D. 28-Jun-1910 19-May-1998  
Cochrane Claude E. 10-Apr-1912 28-Dec-1957  
Collins William T. 3-Apr-1924 28-Jan-1985 (Bill)
Combs Jacob Daniel 7-Jul-2002 9-Jul-2002 Age 2 days
Crowley Gordon David 15-Oct-1948 25-Mar-1961 Gone, but not forgotten.
Daniel Carol M. 21-Mar-1940    
Daniel Charles E. 27-Sep-1942 7-Jun-2002  
DNB       (initals only)
Dougals Diana C. 17-Mar-1906 22-Sep-1991  
Douglas A. C. 25-Jan-1887 16-May-1958  
Douglas C. Glenn 2-May-1900 7-Feb-1980  
Douglas Catherine James 1-Oct-1918 14-Jul-1969  
Douglas Charlie L. 7-Dec-1914 22-Jun-1979  
Douglas Charlie Lloyd 7-Aug-1936 16-Dec-1988 Our Father which art in heaven, hallowed be thy name, thy kingdom come, thy will be done.
Douglas Charlie Lloyd 7-Aug-1936 16-Dec-1988 Our Father which art in heaven, hallowed be thy name, thy kingdom come, thy will be done.
Douglas James Carlton 24-Aug-1941 13-Nov-1978 SP4 US Army
Douglas John L. 24-Jul-1945 15-Oct-1976  
Douglas Lonnie Ervin 13-Oct-1931 6-Feb-1989 US Air Force Vietnam
Douglas Mack 1903 1967  
Douglas Mamie B. 19-Nov-1895 20-Dec-1962  
Douglas Mollie 1908 1971 Blessed be the name of the Lord.
Douglas Portia W. 16-Jan-1951   Precious Lord take my hand
Douglas Rebecca Swann 22-Nov-1890 15-Mar-1968  
Douglas Ruth H. 24-Apr-1921 31-Jul-1978 Married 21 Nov 1939
Douglas S. Christine 12-Jul-1933    
Douglas Susan C. 29-Mar-1884 23-Feb-1954  
Douglas Thomas Cameron 21-Nov-1911 13-Nov-1958  
Douglass Lonnie 8-May-1893 18-Oct-1948 NC PVT 155 Depot Brig WWI
Fore Ethel K. 11-Aug-1897 12-Mar-1965  
Fore Madison H. 11-Nov-1885 24-Apr-1965 Forever with the Lord
Fore Madison Horace 7-Mar-1929 18-Jun-1929 Son of M.H. & Ethel C. Fore, Budded on earth to bloom in heaven.
Fore Nancy Jane 8-May-1918 7-Aug-1972 Sister
Fore Pat O'Malley 1932 1978 PFC US Army Korea
Fore Ruby Robert 19-Mar-1931 15-Sep-1951 "Tis only good night for God is infinite life and in Him we live."
Fore Zella Mae 27-Feb-1930 8-Oct-1981 In God's Care
Fowler Freda S. 23-Apr-1914 26-Nov-1978  
Fowler Steven T. 17-Jun-1964 11-Mar-1979 Just sleeping
Garner Carl R. 9-Oct-1930   Father, Not my will but thine be done.
Garner Carolyn J. 14-Jan-1937 1-Apr-1995 Mother, Married 24 Dec 1958
Gilchrist Charlie   26-Apr-1911 Aged about 24 yrs. At rest.
Gilchrist Frazier 1875 1935  
Goins Leoris     metal marker
Gorczyca Harry A. 24-Mar-1928 3-Jan-1987 US Marine Corps WWII
Gorczyca Louise H. 1-Sep-1928   Loved
Gunnon Evonne Durand 1-Mar-1920 8-Mar-1994 Loving Wife, Mother & Grandmother
Haddock David G. 1881 1967  
Haddock David R. 3-Mar-1914 1993  
Haddock Henry L. 4-Apr-1905 17-Feb-1977  
Haddock Henry Lee 2-Mar-1927    
Haddock Infant Daughter   21-Sep-1926 Inf. Dau. of D.G. & J.R. Haddock, Gone to be an angel.
Haddock James R. 16-Apr-1944    
Haddock Janie R. 14-Feb-1895 31-Jan-1936 Wife of D.G. Haddock, She died as she lived trusting in God.
Haddock Lawrence Gainey 2-Feb-1933   "Larry"
Haddock Leola Weeks 24-Feb-1926    
Haddock Mabel S. 10-Oct-1912 31-May-1980  
Haddock Mittie E. 28-Aug-1907 2-Jan-1998  
Haley Bennie 14-Sep-1886 20-Mar-1904  
Hall Crystal Holly 7-Feb-1986 7-Feb-1986  
Harmon Christian 4-Jun-1846 2-Jan-1881 Wife of K.P. Harmon, In memory of
Harmon Elizabeth 30-Apr-1827 30-Aug-1873 Wife of K.P. Harmon, In memory of
Harmon K. P. 7-Mar-1822 3-May-1903 Asleep in Jesus
Harmon Thomas K. 26-Sep-1867 26-Oct-1930  
Harrell Flora   2-Apr-1878 Aged 60 yrs. At rest.
Haun Omah Nina 17-Mar-1916 13-Nov-1966  
Hickman Charlie H. 15-May-1897 4-Apr-1974  
Hickman Daisy Douglas 4-Nov-1905 3-Feb-1994 Age 88
Hickman Emma H. 15-May-1881 25-Dec-1972 He loved them and took them home.
Hickman John M. 10-May-1921 Jul-1945 NC PFC Coast Arty Corps WWII
Hickman John 20-Apr-1881 3-Nov-1961  
Hickman Randall S. 6-Dec-1939 14-Mar-1966 NC SSGT CO A 2 Inf 1 Inf DIV Vietnam PH
Hickman Rosa H. 16-Nov-1902 8-Mar-2002 Precious Lord take my hand
Hickman Troy 25-Sep-1907 7-Jul-1983  
Hinzman Jean 8-May-1935 30-Oct-1989 Love
Holder Denise 10-Apr-1905 2002  
Holder Pearce Haywood 7-Apr-1923 22-Jan-1976  
Huffines Clemmie Williamson 8-Sep-1890 2-Apr-1967  
Huffines David Allen, Sr. 26-Dec-1892 7-Apr-1977  
Johnson James S.D. 25-Apr-1901 23-Jun-1964  
Johnson Mary Jane 8-Oct-1907 15-Oct-1990  
Jones Robert W. 29-Jun-1949 13-Aug-1950  
Kellam Connie Sue 27-Jan-1963 27-Jan-1963 Dau. of Jim & M.E. Kellam
Kennedy Mary Cameron 3-Aug-1898 22-Dec-1976  
Knight Daisy T. 10-Oct-1891 23-Jul-1991  
Knight Lee Roy 7-Apr-1934 13-May-1969  
Knight Lewis 29-May-1924 24-Jan-1975  
Knight Lynn 1896 1963  
Knight Nancy 2-Oct-1936 24-Jan-1975  
Knight Oss 22-Mar-1889 12-Dec-1964  
Knight Rillie 1904    
Langdon Baby Boy 13-May-1930 13-May-1930 Son of Mr. & Mrs. G.W. Langdon, Sr.
Lawrence Marie H. 12-May-1920    
Lawrence R. Glenn 20-May-1920 5-Aug-1983  
Ledbetter Betty J. 2-Jul-1936    
Ledbetter Jack A. 7-Jul-1927 5-Feb-1994  
LHC       (initals only)
Lockamy Infant   12-Jun-1872 Inf. Son of J.L. & L.J. Lockamy
Lockamy Lucy Jane 7-Aug-1858 14-Jun-1942  
Lockamy Victoria B. 5-Jul-1877 4-Nov-1885 Dau. Of J.L. & L.J. Lockamy, Age 8 yrs. 3 mos & 27 ds.
Mangum Alberta 9-Jun-1918 13-Dec-1992 Together Forever
Mangum Barry L. 29-Mar-1953 2-May-2002 In loving memory
Mangum Bobby Lanier 12-May-1930 18-Oct-1998 SP5 US Army Korea Vietnam
Mangum Brooks H. 17-Sep-1916 18-Feb-1984  
Mangum Buford Watts 13-Jun-1921 29-Aug-1946 Earth hath no sorrow that heaven cannot heal.
Mangum Minnie D. 22-Jan-1896 1-Jul-1967  
Mangum Otha H. 24-apr-1897 14-May-1966  
Maxwell John 13-Feb-1819 19-Jun-1903 Sacred to the memory of our Father,
Maxwell Morris H. 15-Mar-1877 31-Oct-1882 Sacred to the memory of our Brother
Maxwell Robert H. 8-Oct-1870 14-Dec-1884 Sacred to the memory of our Brother
Maxwell S. Jonathan 5-Jul-1852 8-Nov-1852 Son of J. & S.C. Maxwell
Maxwell Susanna C. 4-Feb-1827 5-Aug-1856 Wife of John Maxwell
McCormick Elmer C. 13-Nov-1921 21-Mar-1945 NC SGT CO 1 321 Infantry WWII BSM, In memory of
McCormick James L. McQ. 16-Mar-1883 24-Mar-1939  
McCormick Lula F. 12-Apr-1890 31-Oct-1978  
McCormick William J. 9-Apr-1927 16-Feb-1958 NC SFO CO D 504 Infantry WWII Korea PH
McCoy James B. 24-Dec-1912 19-Jan-1990  
McCoy James B. 24-Dec-1911 19-Jan-1980 ENS US Navy WWII
McCoy Mabel R. 22-Mar-1908 6-Aug-1996  
McDonald Duncan A. 3-Jun-1897 1-Aug-1897  
McDonald Maggie R. 19-May-1863 1-Mar-1945  
McDonald Mary G. Tillmon 16-Sep-1885 27-May-1957 Wife of Rass McDonald
McDonald Walter E. 22-Aug-1855 10-Oct-1911  
McDugald Archibald   13-Jan-1835 Col. Aged 82 years, Erected by his wife & son Rebecca & Dugald McDugald.
McDugald Archibald   22-Nov-1806 Aged 1 month & 2 days, Erected by his mother & brother Rebecca & Dugald McDugald
McDugald Dugald c.1804 c.1875 Maj. Son of Arch. McDugald
McDugald Rebecca B. c.1765 c.1845 Wife of Arch. McDugald
McGregor Cathrine A. 28-Apr-1860 7-Nov-1919 Wife of J.A. McGregor, One precious to my heart has gone. The voice I loved is still, A place is vacant in our home which never can be filled.
McGregor J. A. 1-Jun-1855 24-Apr-1917 Kind father of love thou art gone to thy rest forever to bask amid the joys of the blest.
McGregor John Daniel 21-Mar-1906 20-Dec-1928 Son of Archie & Susan McGregor, Sweet be thy rest.
McGregor Mary Lizier 16-Jan-1911 14-Nov-1938 Dau. of Archie & Susan McGregoe, Thy will be done.
McGregor Susanna 28-Dec-1872 6-Nov-1936 A lovely mother and a faithful friend.
McLean Annabella E. 8-May-1822 15-Aug-1910 Wife of Duncan A. McLean, Age 88 yrs. 3 mos. & 7 days.
McLean Annie Holder 12-Aug-1886 2-May-1977  
McLean Colin C. 29-Nov-1876 7-Mar-1960  
McLean Duncan A. 17-May-1816 2-Jul-1899 In memory of, Aged 83 yrs. 1 mo. And 15 days.
McLean Fransis 19-Feb-1851 30-Mar-1936 Gone, but not forgotten.
McLean Hugh 24-Sep-1919 23-Jun-1986 To know him was to love him.
McLean Hugh 5-Mar-1849 13-Dec-1916  
McLean Mary C. McDonald 2-Apr-1885 17-Apr-1963 Rest in peace
McLean Neil Duncan 25-Nov-1879 18-Jan-1971 Gone, but not forgotten.
McNeill N. H. 16-Aug-1849 6-Apr-1922 An honest man is the noblest work of God.
Morris Joe Dougald 14-Aug-1917 5-Mar-1971  
Morrison Maggie J. 18-Aug-1873 11-Dec-1908  
Morrison N. A. 24-Aug-1824 22-Mar-1907  
Murphy Irving W. 24-Oct-1917 7-Jul-1988 SFC US Army WWII Korea
Murphy Marie E. 4-Dec-1931 3-Oct-1994 Beloved Mother & Grandmother
Nailor Elizabeth   14-May-1900 Aged 65 years, Her last words, "Take me, Mother."
Pendergrass J. C. 30-Aug-1864 12-May-1923 An honest man is the noblest work of God.
Pendergrass Lilie S. 14-Jul-1875 30-May-1937  
Price Mary Cameron 22-Feb-1916    
Price Otis Patrick 22-Jul-1942 16-May-1970 California IC2 US Navy Vietnam
Redden Sylvia 10-Mar-1847 12-Jul-1909 Wife of Jack Redden
Scoggins Nora Jane 12-Mar-1893 24-Jan-1926  
Sloan Johnny M. 22-Apr-1932 19-Jun-1979  
Sloan Virginia Hickman 5-May-1932 21-Jul-1953  
Smith Berta Douglas 27-Sep-1882 12-Aug-1968 Wife of John T. Smith
Smith Christian 9-Jul-1846 26-Mar-1925 Wife of W.J. Smith
Smith Douglas Ray 2-Apr-1953 20-May-2000 Dad
Smith Gladys Marie     Inf. Dau. of Berta D. & John T. Smith
Smith Helen Carter 23-Oct-1919 1-Jun-1982 "Polly" Mama
Smith John H. 18-Feb-1913 20-Mar-1959 NC TSGT 543 Engr B&S Regt WWII BSM
Smith John Thurman 10-Sep-1886 23-Oct-1944  
Smith Josephine Harmon 8-Mar-1879 2-Feb-1956  
Smith Lexie R. 1916 1950  
Smith Mary R. 5-Sep-1878 31-Oct-1905 At rest.
Smith W. J. 1-Sep-1845 26-Mar-1911  
Smith William Lemuel 14-Jun-1874 21-Jan-1933  
Spivey Amy Tillman 6-Dec-1880 21-Dec-1962 Wife of W.M. Spivey
Spivey Annie McQ. Smith 5-May-1881 26-Dec-1926 Wife of James Alvin Spivey
Spivey James Alvin 24-Jun-1879 19-Apr-1964 Rest in peace
Spivey James Franklin 14-Nov-1933 5-Mar-1935 Inf. Son of James H. & Louise F. Spivey
Sutton Mary F. Mar-1891 Oct-1891 Dau. of J.D. & Annie E. Sutton
Swann Albert      
Swann Elmo      
Swann F. J. 1-Feb-1823 24-Mar-1899 An honest man is the noblest work of God.
Swann Fred      
Swann Gertrude      
Swann Griselda McN. 1854 18-May-1930  
Swann Infant      
Swann Jennie      
Swann Jessie Verginia 20-Sep-1920 1-Jul-1921 Dau. Of W.J. & M.L. Swann, Darling we miss you.
Swann John M. 11-Apr-1880 6-Dec-1973 Father
Swann John 28-Jan-1877 19feb1877  
Swann M. Ivie 9-Aug-1873 25-Oct-1877  
Swann Mamie      
Swann Mary I. 4-Apr-1879 8-Jun-1900  
Swann Mildred Cameron 15-Aug-1888 15-Nov-1926 Wife of W.J. Swann, Faithful Mother
Swann Pearl      
Swann W. Clarence 16-Feb-1893 1-Mar-1897  
Swann Wharton J. 11-Feb-1885 27-Jan-1966  
Taylor Alex C. 2-Jan-1938 19-Jan-1986  
Taylor Alvena M. 3-Jan-1942   Precious Lord take my hand
Taylor Charles L. 5-Nov-1934 30-Jun-2002  
Taylor Frances M. 19-Sep-1932    
Thomas B. W. 2-Jun-1889 5-Feb-1943  
Thomas Clarence M. 16-Aug-1922 1-Jun-1975  
Thomas D. S.   Nov-1924  
Thomas Melton Floyd 28-Apr-1888 12-Mar-1951 Gone, but not forgotten.
Thomas Myrtle 23-Aug-1895 9-Mar-1978  
Thomas N. L. 24-Mar-1909 13-Feb-1929  
Thomas R. T. 3-May-1871 27-Jan-1935  
Thomas Thelma Cameron 12-Jun-1933 11-Dec-1981  
Thompson Susanna Mc. 25-Aug-1886 31-Jul-1968  
Turner Mary Elizabeth 28-Jan-1833 20-Jan-1908 Wife of Archie Cameron
Tysinger Edith T. 14-Oct-1916 12-Apr-1997 Blessed be the name of the Lord.
Tysinger Paul E. 31-Aug-1910 15-Jul-1973  
Walker Susanna C. 9-Dec-1910 18-Jan-1981  
Ware Mollie Buhmann 24-Jun-1866 8-Mar-1941  
Wicker Nell S. 27-Nov-1916 27-Aug-1997  
Wicker Walter J. 28-Sep-1909 29-May-1972  
Unknown About 45