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124 Barbecue Church Rd., Sanford, NC. Located just off Hwy 27.
GPS Co-ordinates:
N 35 20.203' W 079 9.879' Elev. 260'

Surveyed on October 27, 2002. This is a complete listing except for any unmarked graves. Transcribed and compiled from photographs taken at the cemetery by Julia Gambrell.

If you believe that you see an error or an omission and would like us to update this list, please send us the information. Click here to make an update request.

The Barbecue Church was "founded By Highland Scots about 1757." "Early one winter morning in 1766, the body of a stranger was found frozen on the church step. He had come for shelter during the night, but the door locked. He was the first person to be buried in Barbecue Cemetery, and ever since then the church door has been left unlocked. The Ancients believed that the stranger was an Englishman. They reasoned, no doubt, that a Scot would have picked the lock."- Ceud Mile Failte, The Harnett County Historical Society. It was a custom to bury slaves on lower land than their masters. Several stones, and a few wooden stobs still mark these graves.

We wanted to present as much of the historical data as possible, therefore we purchased a copy of Colorful Heritage Documented by Rev. James Donald MacKenzie from the Harnett County Public Library. We used this to supplement our listings. Because of the ravages of time on the markers we may not have a picture for every listing. Thanks to Rev. Sandy Williams for assisting with the historical information.

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Last Name First Name Middle Birth Date Death Date Title or Epitaph
Adams Alma Cameron Rogers 10-Aug-1907 17-Feb-1960  
Ainsworth Alan P. 30-Nov-1949 26-Mar-2002 PVT US Army Vietnam
Arscott Sally Campbell 28-Sep-1898 2-Aug-1963  
Atkins Dorothy Lee 7-Sep-1936 11-Aug-1985 St. John: Chapter 14
Atkins Gladys S. 10-Sep-1910 4-Aug-1950  
Atkins James Edward 22-May-1934 5-Apr-1992 In loving Memory
Atkins James W. 6-Mar-1907 25-Jan-1976  
Barham Jean H. 1-Dec-1939 16-Aug-1985  
Barham Stanley L. 22-Sep-1942    
Bates     23-Apr-1905  
Bates Howard W. 15-Dec-1928 13-Feb-1996 Husband
Bates Irene S. 22-Mar-1908 21-Mar-1993  
Bates Randy B. 18-Jun-1901 1-Dec-1970  
Bell Eli Roy 8-Oct-1909 3-Sep-1989  
Bell Elizabeth McCormick 23-Nov-1910 6-Jan-2000 Mother
Bell Frances Johnson 1-Sep-1908 25-Sep-1929 And Infant Daughter 22 Sep 1929
Bell Infant Daughter 22-Sep-1929 22-Sep-1929 Buried in the same grave with her mother Frances.
Bell Roy McCormick 8-Feb-1955    
Berriman Audrey M. 1930    
Berriman Fred S. 9-Jul-1928 30-Nov-1997 CPT US Army
Bickal Eleanor O. 2-Jul-1914 24-Feb-2002  
Bickal Leo B. 10-Mar-1921 13-May-1993  
Black Lula D. 13-Sep-1877 13-Oct-1902  
Blackwelder Glenda Swann 16-Jul-1938 15-May-1992 To know her was to love her.
Bradford Agnes Butler 8-May-1932 25-Nov-1989  
Bradford Annie J. 18-Sep-1915    
Bradford Archie A. 27-Mar-1946 21-Sep-1981 Father Our dear loved one
Bradford Bob 1951 2000  
Bradford Grady G. 23-Dec-1915 1-May-1989 Together forever
Bradford Infant Daughter   10-Oct-1959 Inf. Dau. Of Mr. & Mrs. Grady Bradford
Bradford J. Blain 26-Jan-1958 8-Jul-1973  
Bradford Z. Dean 13-Apr-1963 3-Aug-1980  
Brownlee Mary Beatrice   12-Sep-1926  
Brownlee Wilburn Durant 9-Apr-1923 15-May-1998 PFC US Army WWII
Bruce William     In Memory of (Old River Rock Marker)
Bruce Christian     Old River Rock Marker
Burgess James Carey 4-Jul-1897 5-Feb-1945  
Burgess Mary Leola Cameron 1-May-1904 6-Feb-1989  
Butler Annie B. 1886 1905  
Butler Emeline W. 9-Apr-1848 3-Apr-1934 Wife of J.W. Butler
Butler J. W. 12-Sep-1848 6-Nov-1933  
Butler John E. 1875 1972  
Butler Margaret 5-Sep-1875 28-Apr-1924 His Wife (WA Butler) Through the gates of death we pass to a glorious resurection.
Butler Mary A. 1878 1939  
Butler Omie H. 7-Oct-1911 21-Dec-1978 At Rest
Butler R. T. 11-Apr-1877 3-Feb-1906 The Lord Is My Shepherd An honest man is the noblest work of God.
Butler Thurman R. 1-Jul-1933 4-Jul-1942 Son of W.G. & M. Butler At Rest
Butler Vester Lee 27-Jan-1905 4-Oct-1969  
Butler W. A. 22-Sep-1872 3-May-1924  
Butler W. Alex 24-Mar-1908 22-Oct-1935  
Butler Walter L. 24-Oct-1903 15-Apr-1946  
Cameron A. S. 8-Apr-1852 23-Feb-1903  
Cameron Addie Holder 19-Oct-1895 4-Apr-1971 His Wife (Thomas Watson Cameron) To live in the hearts of others is not to die
Cameron Alberta H. 20-Oct-1888 28-May-1948  
Cameron Alexander M. 12-May-1917 26-Aug-1988 Our beloved
Cameron Ambrose A. 18-Nov-1884 24-Oct-1944 Gone but not forgotten
Cameron Angus B.   12-Jul-1888 Aged 72 yrs 6mos 12 days
Cameron Angus J. 5-May-1871 28-Apr-1930 Father
Cameron Anna C. 27-Jul-1851 12-May-1902  
Cameron Anna Campbell 28-Aug-1896 28-Jul-1935 Wife of E.L. Cameron
Cameron Anna Cate 21-Feb-1898 14-May-1902 Dau. Of H. McL & A.L. Cameron
Cameron Anna Laura 18-Mar-1860 12-Apr-1902 Wife of H. McL Cameron
Cameron Annie E. 8-May-1896 16-Jul-1970 I was glad when they said unto me let us go into the house of the Lord. Psalm 122:1
Cameron Archie C. 12-Jul-1920 10-Apr-1992 S2 US Navy WWII
Cameron Archie J. 8-Dec-1880 22-Feb-1946  
Cameron Audrey Brown 19-May-1922 28-Oct-2000 CM2 US Navy WWII "A.B." 439 59 NAV CONST BN Seabees
Cameron Christian   20-Dec-1879 Aged 67 years Memory of
Cameron Daniel B.   29-Oct-1861 Aged 43 years
Cameron Daniel Bruce 24-Aug-1883 4-Dec-1967  
Cameron Dougald C. 24-Oct-1848 15-Aug-1910 Father, In Memory of
Cameron Dougald L. 13-Mar-1842 30-Nov-1921  
Cameron Duncan A. 21-Sep-1875 5-Mar-1938  
Cameron Duncan D. 16-Jan-1877 29-Oct-1950  
Cameron Edgar L. 19-May-1892 5-Jan-1973 He giveth his beloved sleep
Cameron Edna J. 11-Apr-1917 26-May-1918 Dau. Of A.J. & L.B. Cameron
Cameron Effie McKay 1-May-1895 12-Apr-1945 Wife of Lee Cameron
Cameron Enoch 28-Aug-1898 30-Mar-1942  
Cameron Eugene A. 29-Oct-1909 23-Jun-1970 At Rest
Cameron George SFC 22-Feb-1922 28-Jan-1958 At Rest
Cameron Geraldine Bruce 13-Jan-1913 20-Jun-1996 Dau of. Virginia & Bruce Cameron
Cameron Gilbert M. 29-Dec-1923    
Cameron Gordon W. 3-Oct-1898 24-Feb-1964  
Cameron Grissella McCormick 22-Jan-1883 26-Jan-1955 In God We Trust
Cameron Grover C. 17-Apr-1884 11-Oct-1952 God's will be done.
Cameron H. McL. 1-Apr-1835 20-Jan-1912  
Cameron Infant Daughter 3-Aug-1897 7-Aug-1897  
Cameron Infant Daughter     Dau. Of D. McD. & Lillian L. Cameron
Cameron Infant Daughter 1-Oct-1916 1-Oct-1916 Dau. Of Vance & Monnie Cameron
Cameron Infant Daughter 3-Aug-1892 3-Aug-1892 Inf. Dau. Of A.J. & L.B. Cameron
Cameron Infant Daughter 2-Sep-1928 2-Sep-1928 Inf. Dau. Of J.B. & Alma Cameron
Cameron Infant Son 22-Jan-1897 22-Jan-1897 Infant Son of H.McL & A.L. Cameron
Cameron Infant Twins 17-Jun-1947 17-Jun-1947 Inf. Twins of Mr & Mrs L. Perry Cameron
Cameron Infants     Infants of McB. & Perla Cameron
Cameron J. A. 27-Jan-1850 15-Feb-1911  
Cameron James 26-Nov-1822 16-Mar-1906  
Cameron James Anderson, Jr. 6-Mar-1955 5-Dec-1963 (Jay)
Cameron James E. 31-May-1912 9-Dec-1962 NC S SGT 2575 Base Unit AAF WWII WWII
Cameron Janet 30-Mar-1887 29-Oct-1887 Dau. Of J.A. & Annie C. Cameron, Age 7mo 29days Aged 7mos & 29 days
Cameron Janie K. 9-Apr-1890 24-Dec-1956  
Cameron Jas. A. 4-Jul-1900 5-Dec-1955 Gone but not forgotten
Cameron Jeanette B. 30-Jan-1856 17-Nov-1927 Wife of A.S. Cameron
Cameron Jesse S. 14-Jan-1920 8-Jan-1994 At Rest
Cameron John Harrington 14-Nov-1875 20-Aug-1878 Son of J.A. & Annie C. Cameron
Cameron John M. 4-Jan-1916 24-Jul-1966 NC CWO 416 ORD MED Maint CO WWII
Cameron Juanita M. 28-Jan-1921 18-Aug-1990 Mother, Wife of Mayo Lee Cameron Married 21 Jul 1940
Cameron Laura Shaw Atkinson 23-Apr-1925    
Cameron Lee 13-Sep-1887 21-Dec-1965 Servant of God-78 yrs., Elder at Barbecue Church for 50 years Elder Barbecue Church- 50 yrs. Happy is he who trusts in the Lord. Prov.
Cameron Leon 26-Feb-1922 23-Jun-1923 Son of Vance & Monnie Cameron
Cameron Leon Gibson 26-Oct-1930 15-Jun-1998 "Blue" Trust in God, Family and Friends
Cameron Leon Gibson 23-Oct-1908 8-Nov-1908 Inf. Of A.A.& A.H. Cameron
Cameron Leonard 13-Sep-1887 27-Dec-1932  
Cameron Leonard Paul 15-Sep-1915 10-Feb-1930  
Cameron Lillian L. 8-Jun-1882 25-Oct-1934 Wife of Duncan McD. Cameron
Cameron Little Daniel 11-Aug-1894 17-Jul-1895 Son of D.S. & C. Cameron Aged 11 mos & 6 days
Cameron Lula Burton 9-Nov-1877 5-Jan-1957 Wife of Angus J. Cameron
Cameron Maggie F. 16-Apr-1842 25-Nov-1919  
Cameron Maggie Jane 29-Oct-1880 17-Oct-1885 Dau. Of D.S. & C. Cameron
Cameron Margaret E. 25-Dec-1822 28-Aug-1909 Wife of Angus B. Cameron Her life was beauty and goodness and love.
Cameron Margaret McGilvary 6-Jul-1892 13-Apr-1981 Wife of Roderick A. Cameron Our beloved
Cameron Margie H. 23-Jun-1896 19-May-1985 She giveth his beloved sleep
Cameron Marion C. 14-Jul-1899 2-Apr-1978  
Cameron Marselle M. 9-Sep-1923 28-Oct-1999 Married 19 Feb 1949 Precious Lord take my hand.
Cameron Mary Ann 14-Dec-1854 24-Feb-1938  
Cameron Mary E. 4-Mar-1865 19-Jun-1935 Wife of James Cameron
Cameron Mary Louise 11-Aug-1925 11-Sep-1986  
Cameron Maude A. 11-Mar-1914 15-Feb-1941  
Cameron Mayo Lee 8-Jun-1919 7-Jul-1978 Father, PFC US Army WWII Married 21 Jul 1940
Cameron McBryde 3-Aug-1893 6-Nov-1971 NC PVT CO B 120 Inf. WWI 54, 552
Cameron Meta T. 14-Feb-1898 2-Feb-1983 They died as they lived, trusting in God.
Cameron Monnie H. 28-Dec-1891 7-Aug-1964 Wife of Vance Cameron
Cameron N. E. 3-Dec-1912 1-Sep-1935  
Cameron Nancy P. 8-Oct-1922 7-Sep-1992  
Cameron Neill A.   23-Apr-1895 Fell Asleep Age 68 Years Gone but not forgotten
Cameron Neill A. 17-May-1887 15-May-1888 Son of J. & M.E. Cameron
Cameron Norman   16-Jun-1844 Aged 74 years In Memory of
Cameron Pearlie T. 13-Nov-1894 25-Apr-1977 Wife of McBryde Cameron Asleep in Jesus
Cameron Rachel   8-Oct-1850 Aged 76 years
Cameron Rachel 7-Aug-1843 15-Nov-1894 Wife of H. McL Cameron
Cameron Roderick A. 12-Aug-1882 14-Aug-1955 Our beloved
Cameron Roderick McDonald 1923 1935 Son of Roderick & Margaret Cameron
Cameron Ruth R. 11-May-1927    
Cameron Sarah Jane 24-May-1846 31-May-1920 Wife of Dougald C. Cameron A tender mother and a faithfil friend.
Cameron Thomas Kelly 28-Oct-1962 28-Oct-1962  
Cameron Thomas Watson 21-Oct-1891 25-Feb-1958 NC PFC CO C 115 MG BN 50 DIV WWI
Cameron Vance 23-May-1891 25-Jun-1952  
Cameron Virginia Rosser 13-Jul-1892 24-Feb-1983  
Campbell Beatrice Swann 27-Jun-1912 9-Apr-1974  
Campbell Doris Lee May 1927 May 1927 Infant
Campbell Dougald   1-May-1944 Age 69 yrs. 5 mos. & 2 days At Rest
Campbell Elizabeth Buchanan 8-Apr-1905 12-May-1930  
Campbell Ernest Carlyle 20-Feb-1901 17-Nov-1969  
Campbell Flora Dula 21-Mar-1906 3-Jul-1990  
Campbell Jimmie J. 15-Nov-1928 14-Feb-1996  
Campbell John W. 11-Feb-1869 2-Sep-1932  
Campbell Margaret   1782 Wife of Dan Campbell
Campbell Minnie W. 20-Jul-1934 1-May-1988  
Campbell Nannie H. 7-Feb1878 11-Jun-1939  
Campbell Thomas W., Sr. 28-Sep-1905 3-Feb-1977  
Campbell Thomas Watts, III 30-Dec-1957 25-Sep-1983  
Campbell W. L. 17-Nov-1870 3-Sep-1935  
Clark     Oct 1831 Aged 60 years Behold my friend as you pass by, As you are now so once was I. As I am now so must you be, Prepare for death & follow me.
Clark Charlie Talmage 18-Mar-1888 23-Jul-1931  
Clark Daniel P. 12-Oct-1864 11-Jan-1945  
Clark Duncan McA 1899 18-Jul-1924 Age about 25 years Gone but not forgotten
Clark Elizabeth A. 16-Aug-1860 22-Jul-1900  
Clark Elizabeth A. 16-Aug-1861 22-Jul-1908 Wife of Duncan Clark
Clark Eva Mae 1-May-1888 15-Dec-1946 I was glad when they said unto me let us go into the house of the Lord. Psalm 122:1
Clark Flora   9-Oct-1831 Age 60 years, Erected by Malcom Clark
Clark Florence 7-Apr-1908 27-Nov-1963  
Clark French R. 12-Sep-1871 21-Dec-1906  
Clark Gilbert   2-Nov-18?? Erected by Daniel M. Clark in memory of his father.
Clark Henrietta W. 15-Oct-1867 20-Apr-1947  
Clark Isabella   18-Nov-1811 Erected by Alexander Clark Esq
Clark Jennett Edwards 6-Jun-1849 10-Mar-1889  
Clark Joel   22-May-1811 Son of David Clark 19yrs 10 days
Clark John   27-Oct-1817 Aged 44 years River Rock Marker In Memory of
Clark John   22-May-18?? Son of David Clark 19yrs 10 days
Clark John A. 22-Apr-1844 2-Jun-1919 CO D 3 RECT NC CAV CSA
Clark John H. 23-Feb-1893 5-Jul-1959 NC PFC CO A 323 Infantry WWI
Clark Lula 3-Jul-1900 16-Jan-1915 Dau. Of D.P. & Hetty Clark
Clark Margurite Jean 20-Nov-1923 3-Dec-1923  
Clark Orren H. 28-Jul-1877 1-May-1964  
Clark Zaila G. 29-Jun-1902 29-Jul-1995 Married 6 Feb 1921
Cocolin Theodore C. 24-Apr-1926 2-Nov-1997 S1 US Navy WWII
Collins Ben 1918   USN Elder Emeritus
Collins Betty 1922 2001  
Collins Janie 1922 2001 Beloved Wife
Cooper J. Henry 16-Jul-1908 11-Jun-1971 Our Father which art in Heaven
Cooper Sally L. 6-Apr-1918    
Darroch Ann Jenet 10-Jul-1815 17-Dec-1897 Wife of Peter Darroch, A fond wife.
Darroch Catharine 8-Apr-1849 8-Mar-1900 At Rest
Darroch Catherine 1790 21-Sep-1858  
Darroch Daniel 26-Apr-1828 10-Jan-1905  
Darroch Daniel M. 24-Feb-1892 10-Jul-1924  
Darroch Effie 30-May-1859 26-Oct-1905 At Rest
Darroch Enoch 25-Mar-1905 5-Dec-1962  
Darroch Ethel B. 5-Apr-1906 23-Aug-1969  
Darroch Isabella 15-May-1834 12-May-1868  
Darroch James H. 16-May-1910 4-Nov-1961 NC PFC CO M 104 Infantry WWII
Darroch John 1787 12-Jun-1860  
Darroch John 11-Dec-1850 17-Dec-1933 At Rest
Darroch John P. 18-Aug-1866 27-Apr-1914  
Darroch Malcolm 25-Nov-1852 11-Apr-1916 At Rest
Darroch Mary E. Black 1-Jan-1875 18-Apr-1956  
Darroch Mary Smith 3-Nov-1899 20-Sep-1984  
Darroch Michael 1822 22-Dec-1858  
Darroch Neill 25-Apr-1856 14-Dec-1905 At Rest
Darroch Peter 21-Nov-1812 9-Mar-1887 At Rest
Darroch Ruby L. 12-Mar-1918   Wife of James H. Darroch Beyond the Sunset
Darroch Sally 15-Mar-1825 15-May-1904  
Darroch Samuel 29-Jun-1931 25-Nov-1969  
Diaz Lena Mae 9-Nov-1933 24-May-1978 Rest in Peace
Diffee James A. 23-Aug-1922 3-Mar-1966 NC CPL US Army WWII BSM-PH
Eriksson Annie 12-Nov-1908 26-Oct-1993 Strength and honor are her clothing; and she shall rejoice in time to come. May she rest in peace.
Eriksson Oskar H. 11-Jun-1910 20-May-1980 Swede by birth, American by choice. N.C. for Love.
Flynn James W. 10-Aug-1915 7-May-1977  
Flynn Margaret M. 2-May-1920    
Funderburk A. Sulee 10-Nov-1894 23-Jul-1977  
Funderburk Alberta C. 22-Feb-1929 12-Sep-1985 Wife of James S. Funderburk
Funderburk James S. 22-Mar-1929    
Funderburk Samuel P. 22-Sep-1890 8-Apr-1966  
Gaskins Rena Pace 23-Dec-1905 15-Aug-1967  
George Lee Harrington 20-Apr-1921 21-Jun-1946 Our loved one
George Mary Harrington 25-Oct-1886 15-Sep-1963  
Godfrey Dave 28-Aug-1898 7-Dec-1972  
Godfrey Dave Jr. 10-Jul-1926 19-Dec-1989 TEC5 US Army WWII
Godfrey David D. 26-Aug-1856 19-Oct-1938  
Godfrey Duncan G. 1893 1965  
Godfrey Gladys G. 8-Aug-1931    
Godfrey Hattie B. 5-Oct-1898 17-Mar-1998  
Godfrey Infant Daughter 24-Nov-1934 24-Nov-1934 Inf. Dau. Of Dave & Hattie Godfrey 291 519
Godfrey John B. 16-Jun-1869 9-Jan-1940  
Godfrey John D. 16-Jan-1857 5-Sep-1937  
Godfrey John L. 16-Sep-1887 27-May-1967 Father
Godfrey John Malcolm 26-Oct-1916 7-Feb-1933 Gone but not forgotten
Godfrey Juliam W. 29-Jan-1890 15-Nov-1893 Son of J.D. & M. J. Godfrey
Godfrey Kenneth 27-Jun-1922 16-Apr-1941  
Godfrey Mabel M. 26-Feb-1924 9-May-2001  
Godfrey Malcolm C. 20-Jun-1915 5-Nov-1994  
Godfrey Mary 8-Jan-1835 24-Mar-1921 Age 86 years 2 mos. 16 days 159 At Rest
Godfrey Mary Belle 15-Oct-1890 19-Jan-1961 Mother
Godfrey Mary Cathren 7-Feb-1874 21-Jun-1943  
Godfrey Mary H 10-Apr-1857 16-Sep-1932  
Godfrey Nancy 6-Feb-1838 25-May-1916 Age 78 yrs 3mo 10days May she rest in peace
Godfrey Nancy M. 16-Apr-1868 29-Dec-1945  
Godfrey Nannie B. 1891 1976  
Godfrey Rebecca Jane 29-Sep-1833 19-Jun-1912 Aged 78 yrs 9mos 19 days 157 She sleeps in Jesus, Blessed sleep. How sweet her slumbers is.
Godfrey Sarah Ann 27-Jan-1827 3-Sep-1905 She is not dead but sleepeth
Godfrey William H. 2-Jan-1880 15-Nov-1883 Son of J.D. & M.J. Godfrey
Gray B. Stewart 25-Feb-1911 12-Jun-1999 Father
Gray Mildred P. 16-Jan-1913 22-May-1996 Married 13 Feb 1937, Mother
Greer Susan Strickland 2-Dec-1965 1-May-2002  
Hair Flora A. 5-Feb-1827 30-Aug-1907 Wife of M.J. Hair Gone but not forgotten
Hales Dorothy Cameron 14-Jul-1929   Beloved daughter Deborah Ann Son in law Ben Thomas
Hales Ralph Perry 16-Feb-1928 8-Sep-1995 Grandsons Benjamin & Cameron Thomas Married 6 Oct 1950
Harrington John 14-Nov-1875 20-Aug1878 Son of J.A. & Annie C. Cameron
Harrington Myrtle R. Holder 9-Dec-1904 19-Jan-1989  
Hernandez Claudia Gonzalez 12-Jun-1984 8-Aug-1992  
Hernandez Maria Magdalena 22-Jul-1962 8-Aug-1992 Gone but not forgotten
Holder Adelaide Wicker 15-Jul-1855 19-Feb-1938 Mother
Holder Annis Clark 25-Nov-1874 28-Jun-1952 At Rest
Holder Bertha M. 9-Sep-1921 1-Dec-1999  
Holder D. W. 3-Sep-1854 22-Apr-1916 Father
Holder Daniel Blanchard 21-Mar-1890 15-May-1958 NC CPL BTRY D 316 FLD ARTY WWI 81st Division
Holder David Paul 16-May-1950 16-May-1950 Inf Son of Roy L. & Margaret Holder Gone to be an angel
Holder Florence C. 10-Jun-1875 9-Aug-1941  
Holder Hallie Mae 11-Feb-1913 4-Apr-1982 Little children will rise up and call her blessed
Holder Horace Greely 9-Jul-1873 12-Dec-1946  
Holder Leonard 21-Aug-1914 1-May-1991  
Holder Lewis Talmadge 15-Dec-1909 27-Jun-1948 Father
Holder Millie J. 1888 1985 Their Wife ( Wife of J.W. Johnson & R.T. Butler) The Lord is my Shepherd I Shall Not Want
Holder Myrtle Rogers 9-Dec-1904 19-Jan-1989 Every word of God is pure. He is a shield unto them that put their trust in Him. Proverbs 30:5
Holder Neill S. 25-Sep-1899 1-Jun-1955  
Holder Ola Kennedy 8-Aug-1912 31-May-1990 Mother Thy will be done.
Holder Patricia Ann 26-Nov-1966 26-Nov-1966 Our Daughter
Holder Victor Hugh 9-Feb-1941 23-Aug-1997  
Holmes Lillian Puckett 5-Dec-1901 9-Jun-1983  
Holmes Thomas Nickels 22-Nov-1886 31-Aug-1976 CPL US Army WWI
Holt Rebecca C. 5-May-1940 3-Feb-1982  
Hopkins Betty W. 4-Aug-1920   Our Father which art in Heaven
Hopkins Jesse Franklin 11-Oct-1942 20-Jul-1985  
Hopkins Joshua C. 11-Nov-1921 12-Nov-1997  
Hopkins Joshua C. 11-Nov-1920 12-Nov-1997 PFC US Army WWII Purple Heart
Hopkins Ronnie J., Jr. 28-Sep-1971 8-Aug-1993 "Peanut" Husband
Howard Carey C. 23-Dec-1925 19-May-1959 NC PVT CO C 317 Inf. WWII, DSM-PH
Howard Carey W. 22-Dec-1899 6-Apr-1993 Sons Carey C. "T" , Larry W. Daughters Jacqueline, Lucille, Jean & Etta
Howard Inez C. 16-May-1903 23-Sep-1989  
Howard Jack 22-Feb-1904 15-Jul-1981  
Howard John D. 17-Jul-1915 12-Jan-1967  
Howard LaRue 1919 2002  
Howard Pearl P. 5-Nov-1913    
Howard Ralph 20-Jan-1940 28-Mar-2000  
Jackson Annie Holder 30-Nov-1910 1-Jun-1974 Beloved Mother Gone home
Jamerson Brenda 1947 1947  
Jamerson Ervin M. 5-Mar-1951 16-Aug-1969  
Jamerson Freeman E. 24-Dec-1949 5-Feb-1950  
Jamerson James A. 21-Jul-1923 8-Apr-1989  
Jamerson Janice   4-Dec-1943  
Jamerson Joseph E. 18-Jul-1942 2-Aug-1984  
Jamerson Juanita W. 30-Jan-1921 23-Dec-1978 Mother
Jamerson Kenneth L., Sr. 1-Aug-1948 15-Sep-1990 We love you Daddy
Jamerson Lethia L. 16-Sep-1924    
Jamerson Norman 1944 1946  
Jamerson Rodney F. 5-Aug-1980 8-Aug-1980 Borne home by angels hands
Johnson Addie S. 20-Jul-1920   Wife of Willis L. Johnson
Johnson Addlaide 3-Aug-1915 22-Oct-1916 Dau. Of M.J. & J.W. Johnson 171 Safe in the arms of Jesus
Johnson Infant Son 1899 1900 Infant Son of J.S. & M.A. Johnson 169 At Rest
Johnson J. W. 1-May-1888 3-Aug-1929 Earth has no sorrow that Heaven cannot heal.
Johnson John A. 19-Aug-1897 26-Apr-1973 NC PVT US Army WWI
Johnson John S. 19-Feb-1852 19-Jun-1935 They loved him most who knew him best.
Johnson Mary Ann 17-Jan-1860 2-Mar-1924 Wife of John S. Johnson, At Rest She was a kind and affectionate wife, a fond mother, and a friend to all.
Johnson Millie Holder 4-Apr-1888 5-Jul-1985  
Johnson R. H. 1918 1945 PVT 83 ARMD BTN. WWII, Killed in Germany, Buried in Belgium Killed in Germany, buried in Belgium
Johnson William Holder 4-Apr-1888 5-Jul-1985  
Johnson Willis L. 31-Aug-1917 2-Jun-1987 Safe in the arms of Jesus
Jurney Lila May McCormick 5-Aug-1915 17-Jan-1981 Beloved wife of Jack Powell Jurney, Married 10 Sep 1949 Married 10 Sep 1949
Kelly Charlie Everett 29-Aug-1919 4-Aug-1995 S1 US Navy WWII
Kelly Elois Cameron 1-Jan-1930   Son Cary Kelly
King Mary Ann McFatter   1-Sep-1853 Wife of David King & Dau of Alexander & Dorothy McFatter Aged 43 years 8mos & 19 days
Knight Baby   24-Dec-1924  
Knight Margaret P. 10-Jan-1910 13-Jan-1989  
Knight Marvin G. 12-Aug-1903 20-Jul-1982 Together forever
Lyon Allene Cameron 29-Apr-1923 5-Sep-2002 Son Jimmy Daughter Cynthia
Lyon Roger W. 31-Jul-1915 22-Jan-1997 M SGT US Army Korea & WWII
Lyon Roger William 31-Jul-1915 22-Jan-1997  
Lyttle Carl Dennis 20-Aug-1895 1-Sep-1972 PVT US Army WWI
Lyttle Lanie G. 23-Sep-1885 9-Feb-1975 Love, rest in peace
Mabe Jessie Cameron 24-Jan-1922 17-May-2000  
Mabe Quinton John 5-Apr-1943 27-Jul-1990  
Mabe Terry G. 4-Mar-1946 25-Apr-1996  
Mac Dougald Allan Rev.     His Wife Catharine MacLean MacDougald
MacDonald Neill Norman 11-Sep-1892 13-Feb-1966 Nc Chief Mech BTRY A 316 FA BN WWII The blessed peace that flows from God
MacDonald Sarah Isabella 13-Aug-1884 24-Sep-1977  
Main Ann   18-May-1860 Aged 90 years, Wife of John Main In Memory Of 136
Main John   26-May-1860 Aged 87 years In Memory Of 104
Mason Annie B. 3-Dec-1919 29-Apr-1984 Mother, Wife of Henry Mason
Mason Benjamin F. 1885 24-Mar-1922  
Mason Bennie E. 18-Nov-1943 8-Nov-1991  
Mason Daniel B. 1906 1-Apr-1922  
Mason Flora M. 1904 17-Mar-1922  
Mason Halford Waylon 25-Jun-1950 12-Aug-1962 Son of Henry & Annie B. Mason
Mason Henry 21-Sep-1910 2-Sep-1985  
Mason Mary A. 13-May-1881 30-May-1943  
Mason Randy 15-Oct-1956 20-Jan-1957 Son of Henry & Annie B. Mason Gone to be an angel
McAuley Isabella McCormick 1842 1922 Wife of Samuel McAuley
McCormick A. 1831 1855  
McCormick A. S. 1830 1855  
McCormick Archie 1874 1928 Son of Dr. John W. McCormick
McCormick Benjamin H. 24-Feb-1876 7-Sep-1957  
McCormick Bettie A. 1879 1970  
McCormick C. J. 1822 1877 Child of Daniel McCormick
McCormick C.J. Infant   1847  
McCormick Daniel     And Family
McCormick Daniel Archie 5-Apr-1920 6-Sep-1982 SGT US Army WWII
McCormick Daniel D. 1728 1865  
McCormick Duncan A. 25-Jun-1864 22-Feb-1940  
McCormick Duncan Dixon 4-May-1903 1-Sep-1962 NC CPL Medical Department WWII
McCormick E. S. 1844 1879  
McCormick Edgar Lee 5-Mar-1909 1-Oct-1970  
McCormick Hugh Archie 22-Jul-1914 24-Jul-1970 Go With God
McCormick I. 1842 1922  
McCormick Infant 1864 1864  
McCormick Infant   1847 Infant of C.J. McC
McCormick Infant Son   26-Mar-1965 Inf. Son of Edward & Ann McCormick
McCormick James N. 22-Jul-1880 13-Feb-1958  
McCormick John Martin 9-Jul-1912 8-Sep-1970  
McCormick Judy M. 7-Jun-1869 11-May-1958 Gone but not forgotten
McCormick Lou Harrington 19-Mar-1912 5-Jul-1997 Age 85
McCormick Louisa T. 17-Feb-1838 16-May-1877 Wife of Duncan McCormick
McCormick M. 1840 1880  
McCormick M. S. 1804 1847  
McCormick M.S. Infant   1864  
McCormick Margaret 1840 1880 Wife of James Cameron
McCormick Mary Ann Smith 1805 1847 Dau. Of John & Kate Smith Married Daniel McCormick 24 Dec 1821. Mother of Twelve children.
McCormick Mary Bell 20-Oct-1884 6-Dec-1964  
McCormick Mary Smith 3-Jun-1912 31-Jan-1991  
McCormick Nancy J. 29-Jul-1881 22-May-1969  
McCormick Neal     Deputy Sheriff Robeson County
McCormick Robert Atkins 27-Oct-1913 31-Mar-1980 SGT US Army WWII
McCormick Spence Purvis 31-Aug-1900 23-Oct-1975 SPF US Army WWII
McCormick W. J. 1871 1939 A good father
McCormick William Neal 31-Mar-1951 21-Nov-1998 We love you Daddy, Page & Christian
McDonald A. B. 23-Aug-1898 26-Nov-1902 Son of D.B. & Sarah C. McDonald
McDonald A. E. 15-Oct-1853 11-Feb-1923  
McDonald C. C. 25-Jun-1871 27-Dec-1901  
McDonald Catherine 8-Jan-1805 19-Jul1880  
McDonald Cora E. 26-May-1878 24-Sep-1898 Tread softly by the frave of one our hearts had learned to love.
McDonald D. B. 23-Oct-1861 9-Aug-1929  
McDonald Dan Hugh 18-Apr-1886 4-Jun-1887 Son of D.J. & E. McDonald At Rest
McDonald Duncan J. 18-Jan-1854 19-Jan-1897  
McDonald Edgar Eugene 17-Sep-1875 11-Nov-1877  
McDonald Elizabeth 18-Jun-1850 26-Jan-1919 Wife of Duncan J. McDonald
McDonald Fred Stanly 21-Aug-1914 21-Aug-1914  
McDonald Gennet 26-Apr-1807 10-Sep-1873  
McDonald James L. 17-Aug-1888 15-Jan-1965  
McDonald Jennet Belle 24-Aug-1887 24-Jan-1919 Dau. Of & E.M. McDonald 60 At Rest
McDonald John A.   4-Jan-1869 Aged 45 years 7 mos & 22 days
McDonald John Erle 31-May-1900 12-Apr-1968  
McDonald Kate E. 22-Jan-1851 2-Aug-1880 Dau. Of John A. & Mary M. McDonald
McDonald L. McN. 7-Sep-1825 23-Jul-1888  
McDonald Leon Monroe 7-Oct-1895 23-Jan-1959  
McDonald Lura 3-Jun-1924 12-Oct-2000  
McDonald Mae Crumpler 6-May-1900 12-Dec-1974  
McDonald Maggie   22-Jun-1920 Aged 24 years The angels called her.
McDonald Mary M. 3-Nov-1821 3-Feb-1895 Wife of John A. McDonald
McDonald Minnie 16-Oct-1893 1-Oct-1914  
McDonald Nannie M. 6-Jun-1848 26-May-1911  
McDonald Ora Lena 16-Sep-1904 14-Apr-2000  
McDonald Oscar Rand 17-Sep-1873 14-Nov-1877  
McDonald Sara C. 1-Jun-1872 11-Jul-1918  
McDonald Sarah Ann 12-Sep-1818 15-Jun1874  
McDonald Watts W. 13-Aug-1887 18-Oct-1963  
McDougald Allan Rev.     A Son of Barbecue Church
McDougald Catherine MacLean     Wife of Allan McDougald
McInnis Duncan   19-Mar-1829 Aged 84 years, River Rock Marker
McInnis John M.   14-Jul-1821 Aged 77 years
McIver Lila 10-May-1892 20-Dec-1933  
McLean Alexander 16-Apr-1884 31-May-1930  
McLean Catherine 5-Apr-1856 25-Oct-1897 Wife of Collin R. McLean
McLean Clarr 1870    
McLean Colin R. 9-May-1852 16-Nov-1898  
McLean Daniel H. 19-Mar-1899 12-May-1937  
McLean Eliza S. McCormick 1844 1879 Wife of Hugh McLean
McLean Hugh   17-Jul-1896 Aged 54 years In memory of
McLean Hugh D. 8-Feb-1882 30-Dec-1960  
McLean Jannette 1853 1919 At Rest
McLean Jennet   6-May-1823 Aged 84 years In memory of
McLean John Alexander 14-apr-1888 30-Nov-1980  
McLean John L. 1874 1946 Their deeds yet live.
McLean John Maryland 25-Aug-1897 17-Aug-1945 He took thee from a world of care an everlasting bliss to share.
McLean M. A.      
McLean Maggie 30-Jan-1888 13-Jan-1925  
McLean Mary 2-Dec-1757 21-Nov-1828 Consort of Daniel McLean Here lies
McLean Mary Ann   2-Aug-1865 Daughter of Neill & Martha Ann McLean In Memory of, Aged 18 years 6mos & 8 days
McLean Mary Clark 1870 1951 His Wife (John L. McLean)
McLean Mollie McInnis 3-Apr-1883 8-Feb-1902 Blessed are the dead who die inThee.
McNeill Catherine Jane McCormick 1822 1877 Wife of Daniel McNeill
McNeill Cyrus 3-Apr-1925 18-May-2001 "Dick"
McNeill Geneva Cameron 15-Dec-1925 28-Apr-2000  
McRae Alexander   29-Apr-1810 Erected by Christian Rae, Aged 76 years In Memory of her father
McRae Isabella   13-Dec-1825 Erected by Christian Rae, Aged 81 years, Wife of Alexander McRae In Memory of her mother
McRae Margaret   1899 Love of M.E. Cameron
McRae Mary Ann   1897 Love of M.E. Cameron
Moore Jeanette C. 7-Aug-1956 18-Dec-1996 Mother
Morris Minnie E. 10-Sep-1891 3-Sep-1935  
Morris W. Carl 27-May-1893 19-May-1971  
Munn A. McA. 1849 1878  
Munn Angus 1806 1888 & Family
Munn J.I.M. 1816 1880  
Munn Malcolm 17-Mar-1844 28-Jan-1919  
Munn S. M. 26-Feb-1855 23-Mar-1924 (Sister) We will meet again.
Newby Elliott H. 28-Aug-1922 17-Mar-1974 NC CPL US Marine Corps WWII
Newby Inez Wicker 11-Nov-1922 25-Oct-1986  
Nunnery Lanie E. 27-Oct-1853 24-Mar-1941 A tender mother and a faithfil friend.
Olive Vera Cameron 24-Oct-1905 5-Sep-1926  
Oliver Janet Ann 9-Nov-1864 10-Oct-1878 Dau.Of Jno. & Margaret Oliver In Memory Of
Oliver John     Co F 50 NC Inf. CSA
Oliver John C.   19-Nov-1862 Son of John & Margaret Oliver, 5mos 14 days Aged 5mos 11 days
Oliver Martha Y. 16-Dec-1847 2-Nov-1943  
Oliver Nearl 1900 28-Mar-1922  
Ostrander Norman De- Vere 21-Jun-1936 29-Sep-1992 SFC US Army Vietnam
Pace Alec 30-Mar-1945 16-Dec-1997  
Pace Annie Maude 4-Feb-1906 16-Oct-1970 Our trust is in God.
Pace Callie S. 27-Mar-1915    
Pace Dannie H. 31-Oct-1909 21-Feb-1996 Together forever
Pace Gail Gunter 13-May-1950    
Pace Howard V. 21-Aug-1911 10-Feb-1982  
Pace Infant Son 13-Jun-1924 13-Jun-1924 Inf Son of O.T. & L.V. Pace At Rest
Pace Johnsie Buchanan 22-Mar-1923    
Pace Leon T. 20-Nov-1918 26-Nov-1956 Our loved one
Pace Lizzie P. 20-Dec-1879 3-Mar-1967 Asleep in Jesus
Pace Oscar Alec 30-Mar-1945 16-Dec-1997  
Pace Oscar Person 4-Nov-1903 31-Jul-1958  
Pace Oscar T. 13-Dec-1882 29-Apr-1958  
Pace Robert M. 14-Sep-1935 18-Jan-1936 Son of H.V. & D.L. Pace Our darling
Pace W. Daniel 20-Aug-1907 20-Aug-1988  
Pace W. M. "Bim" 12-Sep-1922 26-Jun-2000 PFC US Marine Corps WWII
Pace William Eugene 19-Jul-1943 18-Oct-1998  
Parrish Billy Wayne 3-Aug-1936 4-Sep-1989 "Bill"
Patterson Thomas G., Sr. 27-Jun-1921 8-Feb-1998 TEC 5 US Army WWII
Perry Charles H. 5-May-1891 14-Dec-1946  
Perry Infant Son 1946 1946 Inf. Son of James & Victoria Perry
Perry Jeffrey Wayne 3-Mar-1947 5-Mar-1947 Darling we miss you
Perry Kenneth Eugene 4-Feb-1958 23-May-1996 In God's Care
Perry Mattie Thomas 31-Jan-1922    
Perry Vallie W. 6-May-1892 2-Dec-1982  
Perry William Jefferson 11-Jul-1923 27-Jan-1984 SP5 US Army WWII & Korea
Pipkin Lizzie C. 23-Oct-1907 23-Jun-1972 Asleep in Jesus
Powell Richard 28-Aug-1896 12-Sep-1983 PVT US Army WWI & WWII
Puckett Stephen R. 7-Nov-1911 8-Jan-1973  
Puckett Vera Ann 27-May-1913 27-Jun-1967  
Rae Christian     In Memory of
Roberts Orene G. 20-Apr-1918   Married 21 Feb 1945
Roberts Rob E. 20-Mar-1919 7-Sep-1993 SGT US Marine Corps WWII
Roberts Sudie Puckett 13-Feb-1904 26-Aug-1942  
Robertson Patricia P. 10-Jun-1936 3-Mar-1979  
Robertson Ronald D. 1-Jul-1933    
Rollins Crystal Cameron 13-Mar-1971 10-Jul-1990 To family and friends she was God sent
Rosser Eloise T. 11-Feb-1935    
Rosser Lewis Carr 27-Nov-1932 29-Jan-1994 A Christian and elder, A husband, father and grandfather, A mason and shriner. Elected Sheriff of Harnett County from 4 Dec 1978 until his death.
Rosser Lewis Carr, Jr. 27-Nov-1932 29-Jan-1994 US Army Korea
Sanchez Jennifer 20-Jun-1991 21-Jun-1991  
Single Alexander McCormick 1833 1855  
Single Anne McCormick 1831 1855  
Single Archibald McCormick, Dr. 1830 1855  
Smith Christian Ann 3-May-1852 13-Jul-1888 Wife of E.S. Smith Gone but not forgotten
Smith Martha Ann L. 7-Jun-1878 18-Apr-1953  
Smith Rosa B. 4-Jun-1909 2-Sep-1980 Wife of Roy L. Smith
Smith Roy L. 1-Mar-1902 17-Feb-1969  
Smith William M. 15-Mar-1869 15-Aug-1937  
Spencer John W. (Tingen) 16-Jun-1909 22-May-1975  
Spivey Autry Artemis "Pete" 13-Jun-1931 11-Jan-1991 In Memory of Children, Grandchildren, Sisters & Brother
Spivey Roger Lee 17-May-1927 16-Apr-1977 S1 US Navy WWII
Sprouse Debra Jean   15-Jan-1953 10 Months
Stephens James A. 30-Jun-1899 22-Mar-1939  
Stephens Lee Alma 26-Aug-1904 5-Sep-1984  
Stephens Lila McIver 10-May-1892 20-Dec-1933  
Stone Infant Son 1-Dec-1939 1-Dec-1939 Inf. Son of Mr. & Mrs. Simon P. Stone
Stone Infant Daughter 26-Sep-1938 26-Sep-1938 Inf. Dau. Of Mr. & Mrs. Simon P. Stone
Stranger     1766 Sacred to the memory of a Stranger, "Monument Marker"
Strickland Ioma M. 12-Nov-1916    
Strickland John A. 16-Jan-1886 17-Feb-1965  
Strickland John M. 27-Sep-1916 24-Jan-1973 NC PFC US Army WWI
Strickland Leon Thomas 9-Sep-1924 12-Apr-1978 PVT US Army WWII
Strickland Robert Dale 14-Jul-1959 9-May-2002  
Strickland Sirena Holder 19-Aug-1881 26-Feb-1972  
Suitt Nelson Thomas, Jr. 12-Jun-1927 21-Sep-1996  
Suitt Peggy Campbell 8-Dec-1929 21-Jan-1996  
Sullivan John Richard 14-Jul-1918 1-Jul-1962  
Sullivan John Richard, Jr. 22-Jan-1944 22-Aug-1981 SGT US Army Vietnam 258 Earth has no sorrow that Heaven cannot heal.
Swann Dougald M. 7-Jul-1918 9-Aug-1989 PFC US Army WWII
Swann Edith C. 6-Jun-1921 23-Jun-2001 He lit a candle
Swann Minnie Lee 26-Jan-1907 13-Mar-1983  
Swann Mozelle G. 1-Feb-1944 9-Sep-1996  
Thomas Alton B. 1885 1959 Gone but not forgotten
Thomas Asa 11-Jun-1925 8-Oct-1946 Killed Gone but not forgotten
Thomas Bernice 10-Aug-1880 6-Jan-1954  
Thomas Betty C. 22-Aug-1939    
Thomas Christian Cameron 13-Mar-1875 28-Jun-1897 And Infant buried in the same grave
Thomas Clayron A. 30-Dec-1935 13-Jul-1995  
Thomas D. A. 12-Apr-1854 31-Dec-1922  
Thomas Donald 10-Jul-1932 16-Dec-1977  
Thomas Elmer Lee 1907 1910  
Thomas Flora C. 1883 1942 Wife of Bernice Thomas Asleep in Jesus
Thomas Floyd Blaine 21-Jan-1929 15-Aug-1968 PVT Infantry WWII 369 The Old Rugged Cross
Thomas Henry T. 1878 1910  
Thomas Herman C. 1912 1956  
Thomas Infant Daughter 9-Jul-1963 9-Jul-1963 Inf. Dau.Of Clayron & Betty Thomas
Thomas John Maryland 25-Aug-1897 17-Aug-1945  
Thomas Louis A. 3-Sep-1930 30-Nov-1930 Son of Mr. & Mrs. N.S. Thomas
Thomas Luzene Howard 8-Apr-1908 14-Jan-1991 Wife of Neill Allen Thomas
Thomas Martha J. 1871 1955 Mother
Thomas Mary Cameron 18-Dec-1877 7-Jul-1932 Mother
Thomas Mary K. 1915    
Thomas Neill Allen 30-Nov-1903 14-Nov-1981  
Thomas Pearly K. 1893 1969  
Thomas Robert Lee 8-Jan-1920 24-Aug-1964  
Thomas Thelma L. 1905 1905  
Thomas W. Sr. 28-Sep-1905 3-Feb-1977  
Warwick Alta B. 28-Jan-1929   In God We Trust
Warwick Betty   1881  
Warwick Elizabeth 22-Mar-1844 22-May-1912 Wife of George Warwick We will meet again.
Warwick George 22-Mar-1835 9-Jan-1911 We will meet again
Warwick J. Thurman 6-Feb-1918 31-Jan-1994  
Warwick James B. 1874 1954  
Warwick Johny   1881  
Warwick Lulu   1881  
Warwick Mary Donnie 1880 1946 God be with you 'till we meet again.
Waylon Halford 25-Jun-1950 12-Aug-1962 Son of Henry & Annie Mason Darling we miss thee
Wentz Matthew Alexander 30-Jun-2001 15-Sep-2002  
Wentz Matthew Alexander 30-Jun-2001 15-Sep-2002  
White Arabella H. 1891 1983 Wife of Fred J. White
White Bertha M. 29-Dec-1893 4-Sep-1963 Wife of George H. White
White Fred J. 1884 1967 Blessed be the name of the Lord.
White George H. 28-Apr-1890 15-Aug-1961 NC PVT CO B 144 INF 36 DIV WWI
White George Henry, Jr. 9-Apr-1928 10-Oct-1976 PFC US Army 563 At Rest
White Infant Daughter 24-Aug-1909 24-Aug-1909 Inf. Dau. Of R.U. & Arabelle White
White Janice W. 12-Feb-1941   Wife of W. Clifford White, Mother, Married 2 Dec 1956
White John M. 10-Sep-1886 2-Jun-1969  
White Lucy D. 1863 1935  
White Mary C. 17-Apr-1891 21-Mar-1979  
White Nancy R. 2-Jun-1933 6-Sep-1933  
White Thomas G. 8-Nov-1924 2-Oct-1972 NC PVT Army Air Forces WWII
White W. Clifford 13-Jun-1938 28-Sep-1982 Father
White William J. 11-Feb-1918 9-Aug-1994  
Whittington Britton E. 26-Jun-1960 25-Jan-1987 Beloved Father, Age 27
Wicker Adelaide 18-Jul-1855 19-Feb-1938  
Wicker Alma Lee 15-Sep-1899 18-May-1981  
Wicker F. Lenwood 4-Jan-1936 11-Dec-1989  
Wicker James C. 15-Nov-1930 11-Aug-1993 Married 6 Sep 1952
Wicker Joseph Edward 7-Sep-1926 8-Feb-1992 Son of Floyd & Alma Wicker Have Faith in God
Wicker Milton Floyd 14-Apr-1887 16-Apr-1967 NC PFC CO D 119 Inf Regt WWI
Wicker Peggy M. 4-May-1938    
Wicker Sarah M. 16-Jun-1940   Son Jeffrey, Dau. Ginger
  Ben   1913  
  James   1924  
  Janie   1922