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Located Hwy 210 South, Lillington, NC just South of the Rock Quarry.
GPS Co-ordinates: N 35 30.425 W 078 43.960' Elev. 1433'

Surveyed November 22, 2002. This is a complete listing except for any unmarked graves. Transcribed and compiled from photographs taken at the cemetery by Julia Gambrell.

If you believe that you see an error or an omission and would like us to update this list, please send us the information. Click here to make an update request.

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Last Name First Name Middle Birth Date Death Date Title or Epitaph
Brook John   13-Jul-1957 Age 31 yrs. (metal marker)
Buie George T. 9-May-1909 28-Oct-1943 Gone but not forgotten.
Buie Leecy G. 5-Sep-1920 28-May-1948 Our beloved Mother
Buie Lula M.   3-May-195? Age 57 (metal marker)
Buie Una Mae 1898 1958 Mother (cement marker)
Cambelle #REF!     Age Seventeen
Cameron Joel C. 1-Nov-1890 27-Oct-1950  
Chesney Maggie B. McLean 22-Feb-1895 5-Dec-1965  
Clegg Grizella 3-May-1915 5-Jul-1917 Dau. of J.B. & Ida Clegg, Asleep in Jesus.
Clegg Harris Jr. 26-Jun-1947 1-Jul-1947 Our baby, He carries a lamb in his bosom.
Clegg Ida M. 16-Feb-1881 10-Sep-1977  
Clegg J. B. 1881 1941 Resting till the resurrection morn.
Clemons Burbie 1923 2000 (metal marker)
Clemons Randy B. 1959 2002  
Cox Ada 1896 1971  
Doway Rosa 1892 1955 Mother (cement marker)
Dowdy Ethel 1908 1951  
Dowdy John H. 8-May-1904 4-Jul-1981  
Galbreth Mozelle Smith   22-Jun-1974 Age 48 yrs. (metal marker)
Gilmore Charlie Lee 22-Jul-1929 14-Mar-1942  
Gilmore Clarence Elder 25-Oct-1943 28-Jan-1995 In loving memory
Gilmore Ernest F. 24-Oct-1937 27-Apr-1979 Brother
Gilmore James 5-May-1887 28-Jan-1949 PVT 408 Serv BN QMC WWI
Gilmore James   28-Jan-1949 Age 74 yrs. (metal marker)
Gilmore Maggie B. 27-Mar-1903 14-Apr-1970  
Gilmore Mollie 24-Apr-1926 1-May-1998 In loving memory
Gilmore William L. 24-Apr-1924 10-Sep-1964 PVT US Army WWII
Gilmore William   18-Sep-1964 Aged 40 years (metal marker)
Jackson Clyde Lee 7-Jul-1912 27-Feb-1928 O death! Where is thy sting? O grave! Where is thy victory?
Johnson James Henry 9-Jan-1905 27-Jan-1984 Gone but not forgotten.
Johnson M. Katherine 23-Aug-1926 5-Sep-1977  
Johnson Paul Davis 20-Feb-1956 30-Apr-1977  
Johnson Thurman Lee 5-Oct-1970 16-Mar-1971  
Johnson Vernon Almeta 22-Dec-1911 27-Sep-1949 Gone but not forgotten.
Jones George H. 6-Dec-1943 18-May-1988 Age 44 (metal marker)
Leggett Elaine McGlum 20-Jan-1942 16-Feb-1997 Age 55 (metal marker)
Lucas Johnnie A. 9-Jun-1923    
Lucas Mallie L. 1-Jun-1919 29-Dec-2000 Precious Lord take my hand.
McAuley Joyce M. 12-Jul-1945 21-Jun-1989 The Lord is my shepherd.
McAuley Lanie D. 30-Jul-1916 20-Apr-1999 The Lord is my shepherd.
McAuley Lanie B. Gram 30-Jul-1916 20-Apr-1919  
McAuley Neal C. 30-Nov-1937 7-Jul-1993 The Lord is my shepherd.
McAuley Owen C. 4-Mar-1905 30-Sep-1978 The Lord is my shepherd.
McCormick Buster 14-Feb-1920 20-Nov-1982 Age 72 yrs. (metal marker)
McCormick James     (cement marker)
McCormick James   12-Mar-1966 (metal marker)
McCormick Lula M. 10-Oct-1903 6-Mar-1983 Age 80 (metal marker)
McGilberry Emery 1943 1999 (metal marker)
McGilberry John D. 24-Nov-1950 16-Sep-1972  
McGilberry Odell 12-Oct-1912 15-Dec-1992 US Navy WWII
McGilberry Pauline E. 19-Apr-1923 24-May-1979  
McGilbery Doretha 1915 1938  
McGilbery Doretha 1915 1938  
McGilbery #REF! 15-May-1929 22-Dec-1931 (cement marker)
McGilvary Paul 1920 198? (metal marker)
McGilveary Anthony W. 26-Dec-1960 14-Jan-1988  
McGilveary Harvey A., Sr. 1939 1995  
McIntyre James L. 29-Mar-1905 6-Jan-1983 Age 77 (metal marker)
McKeithen John W.   23-Apr?? At Age of 31
McKeithen Mary A.   23-Oct-1976 Age 86 yrs. 6 mos. (metal marker)
McLean Delia 1880 1925 Wife
McLean Eliza 1879 1939  
McLean Henry 1868 1946  
McLean Lucindia 1885 3-Nov-1968  
McLean Mary 8-May-1824 11-Dec-1932  
McLean Ricky Leverne 1-May-1955 6-Mar-1977 PFC US Army
Mesie Roger 6-Jun-1957 31-Jul-1957 (cement marker)
Miller Bertha   17-May-1982 Age 75 yrs. (Metal marker)
Milter Baby Jessica 21-Jul-1978 4-Aug-1978 Age 14 days
Murchison Alice R. 25-Feb-1887 20-Jul-1955  
Murchison Alton Ezekiel 28-Jul-1898 26-Feb-1899 Son of John & Net Murchison
Murchison Ania   12-Jan-1901 Wife of Jack Murchison, Aged 70 years
Murchison Beatrice 1919 1958 Mother
Murchison Freddie C. 4-Jul-1921 23-Jun-1945 Gone but not forgotten.
Murchison Georganna 1887 1940 Mother
Murchison George A. 1-Nov-1902 1-Jun-1991 Grandfather
Murchison Jack Rev. 1795 1922 The Lord is my shepherd.
Murchison Jennie 1866 1934 Mother
Murchison Mary Beatty 27-Jun-1905 11-Sep-1965 Wife of Foster Murchison
Murchison Nettiaan 22-Apr-1863 30-Jul-1900 Wife of John Murchison
Murchison Otis L. 6-Sep-1928 9-Mar-1970  
Murchison Roy L. 1-Oct-1936 24-Dec-1958 NC 2 Inf. TNG Regt
Murchison Royal Foster 7-Mar-1889 2-Dec-1970 The Lord is my shepherd.
Murchison Sallie   19-Jun-1996 Our Mother, 60 years old, Sleep on Mother.
Murchison Sylvia E. 12-Dec-1918 1-Nov-1961  
Murchison William H. 22-Jun-1884 29-Dec-1902  
Murchison Willie T. 11-Feb-1903 26-Jul-19?6 Age 73 (metal marker)
Redding William A. 13-Jun-1887 7-Jul-1954  
Sellers Cleo G. 30-Jan-1940 22-Mar-1998 Mother, In loving memory
Sellers Toney 1890 1963  
Shaw Earland 20-Jun-1926 18-Mar-1972 PVT US Army Res. Korea
Shaw Essie M. 7-Dec-1892 8-Nov-1960  
Shaw J. Rev.   21-Dec-19?? (metal marker)
Smith Almeta   13-Mar-1978 Age 72 yrs. (metal marker)
Turtson Jeoho   31-Jul-1929 Mother, Age 17 years. 15 months (cement marker)
Williams Lettie   8-Jul-1955 Aged 36 years (metal marker)
Young Edward L. 1918 1999 (metal marker)
Young Mrs.   30-Sep-1987 (metal marker)
Young Watson 10-Sep-1892 13-Dec-1972  
Unknown About 55