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Located on Hwy 210, N Hickory st., Angier, NC.
GPS Co-ordinates: N 35 30.425' W 078 43.960' Elev. 459'

Surveyed on Oct 14, 2002. This is a complete listing except for any unmarked graves. Transcribed and compiled from photographs taken at the cemetery by Julia Gambrell.

If you believe that you see an error or an omission and would like us to update this list, please send us the information. Click here to make an update request.

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Last Name First Name Middle Birth Date Death Date Title or Epitaph
Byrd Henry Thomas 6-Nov-1893 19-Apr-1962  
Byrd J. Milton 11-Aug-1890 8-Jul-1982 Father
Byrd Johnson M. 11-Aug-1890 8-Jul-1982 US Army WWI
Byrd Nellie Irene 25-Jan-1907 3-Aug-1965  
Byrd Ruth S. 11-Oct-1909 9-Dec-1994 Mother Married 26 Nov 1927 She was loved
Carter Betty R. 30-Mar-1935 28-Aug-1992 Beloved Father and Mother
Carter Carlie G. 22-Mar-1935   Beloved Father and Mother
Carter G. Cornelius 7-Jul-1900 9-Sep-1964 Beyond the sunset
Carter Gertie J. 24-Oct-1906 30-Mar-1982  
Carter James Eldridge 14-Dec-1893 14-Nov-1963 Gone but not forgotten
Carter Sallie Ashworth 26-Sep-1900 1-Feb-1969 Wife
Chambers Estelle M. 3-Jun-1914 22-Sep-1980 In loving memory
Chisenhall Marjorie H. 25-Mar-1924    
Chisenhall W. H. 14-Oct-1917   (Bill)
Clayton Benjamin C. 20-Jul-1880 18-Aug-1946 Father
Clayton Foy Dean 22-Mar-1938 25-Dec-1958 She was a friend to all
Clayton Lemuel B., Sr. 23-Nov-1906 1-Feb-1968 "Bert" A believer in God
Clayton Loretta L. Yarbrough 12-Jan-1880 17-Dec-1945 Mother Gone but not forgotten
Clayton Ralph Thomas 11-Aug-1931 6-Dec-1931 A little time on earth he spent, for him his angel sent.
Cobb Alton A. 25-Aug-1915 29-Sep-1995  
Cobb Alvis L. 23-Oct-1923 19-Oct-1978  
Cobb Anderson A. 6-Apr-1875 20-Aug-1939  
Cobb Annie Jackson 17-Nov-1916 16-May-1978  
Cobb Infant Daughter   1957 Inf. Dau. Of Mr. & Mrs. Tyson Cobb
Cobb Infant Son 4-Jun-1943 4-Jun-1943 Son of Alton A. & Annie J. Cobb Asleep in Jesus
Cobb Merlin 28-Feb-1910 31-Jan-1943  
Cobb Rose Ella 2-Jun-1880 26-Jan-1957  
Cobb Vada E. 12-Oct-1904 26-Dec-1997  
Cobb Wade 28-Jan-1923 24-Mar-1991 PFC US Army WWII Military Police
Collins Bertha Walton 6-Feb-1897 5-Jan-1990  
Collins Bettie Byrd 4-Nov-1931    
Collins Beulah S. 5-Aug-1897 31-Jul-1986 Mother
Collins Clarence M. 2-Aug-1913 15-Nov-1973  
Collins Colon Franklin 25-Oct-1909 19-Jul-1986  
Collins Cuba F. 4-Sep-1913 1-Mar-2002  
Collins Dallas F. 5-Apr-1884 11-Apr-1962 Father
Collins Dallas Junior 17-Apr-1927    
Collins E. S. 29-Nov-1874 10-Sep-1894 Thy will be done.
Collins Eddie Wood 8-Oct-1933 9-Dec-1995  
Collins F.G. Jr. 10-Aug-1920 21-Jan-1927 Son of F.G. & Bertha Collins
Collins Furman C. 10-Apr-1886 27-Dec-1935  
Collins Infant Son 23-May-1929 18-Jan-1932 Inf. Son of F.G. & Bertha Collins
Collins James S. 22-Oct-1907 18-Oct-1992  
Collins Joseph C. 19-Oct-1927 6-Dec-1993 PVT US Army
Collins Pearl Wood 15-Jan-1913 24-Oct-1994  
Collins R. E. 24-Jan-1845 1923 Christ is my hope.
Collins S. G. 15-Aug-1835 2-Jul-1906 He died as he lived, trusting in God.
Collins Zorrah M. 17-Jan-1888 2-Aug-1929  
Cotten Infant Daughter   16-May-1933 Inf. Dau. Of Milton & Alta Cotten
Currin Neva A. 4-Jul-1884 27-Jul-1973  
Currin Otis B., Sr. 2-Oct-1882 2-Sep-1965  
Custer Ferne P. 4-Sep-1920 8-Feb-1997 Beloved Mother
Denning Joseph Walter 25-Oct-1875 12-Aug-1950  
Denning Meddie Malinda 13-Feb-1880 16-May-1968  
DeSimone Margaret L. 20-Mar-1913 23-Jan-1991  
Dixon Calvin D. 1857 1937  
Dixon Fannie J. 1876 19??  
Dorman Clara S. 22-Oct-1928    
Dorman Judd P. 24-Dec-1921 27-May-1998 US Army
Duncan Daner P. 21-Jul-1914    
Dupree B. F. 28-Oct-1861 2-May-1941  
Dupree Cleon W. 11-Jun-1911 2-Feb-1987 At Rest
Dupree Fannie L. 27-Mar-1863 31-Aug-1956  
Dupree Hazel Irene 20-Mar-1921 16-Apr-1935 Dau. Of John R. & Ila Mae Dupree
Dupree Ila Mae Fish 20-Jul-1896 26-Jul-1941 Wife of John R. Dupree
Dupree Julia 6-Feb-1891 31-Mar-1979 In loving memory of Miss Julia
Dupree Leonard H. 1-Dec-1903 2-Aug-1982  
Dupree Rena C. 24-Sep-1907 18-Feb-2000  
Adams Carlie Ray 17-Nov-1935 24-Oct-1953 Gone but not forgotten
Adams Cavie R. 5-Sep-1912 23-May-1999 Her memory is blessed.
Adams Clifton H. 12-Mar-1917 2-Jul-1967 NC PFC US Army WWII
Adams Ed V. 12-Nov-1882 16-Mar-1961  
Adams J. C. 11-Feb-1924 28-Aug-1986  
Adams J. C. 11-Feb-1924 28-Aug-1986  
Adams James Alan 24-Jun-1955 25-Jun-1955 Son of Mr. & Mrs. J. Norwood Adams
Adams John 15-Sep-1886 30-Jan-1962  
Adams Katie Norris 10-Apr-1899 10-Mar-1975  
Adams Lester E. 18-Aug-1911 5-Jun-1966 NC PVT WWII PH
Adams Lina Lee 1-May-1909 18-Aug-1988 Mother
Adams Mary Louise 5-Apr-1925 24-Aug-1998 Thy life was beauty, truth, goodness and love.
Adams Ozella B. 11-Sep-1918   Mother
Adams Sarah J. 29-Sep-1892 2-Feb-1959  
Adams Victor Glenn 12-May-1908 16-May-1963 Father Gone but not forgotten
Adams Wade H. 25-Jul-1913 22-Jul-1975 His memory is blessed.
Adams Winfield J. 18-Dec-1917 9-Dec-1959 Father
Adams Worth L. 7-Dec-1947 3-May-1964 His memory is blessed.
Ashworth Johnsie Maude 25-Mar-1908 7-Feb-1998  
Ashworth W. C. 12-Feb-1945 8-Mar-1964  
Ashworth Willie C. 12-Sep-1900 5-Feb-1963  
Baker Claud L. 1894 1943  
Barbour Graham G. 2-Aug-1906 3-Jun-1959 NC PFC CO F 159 Inf. WWII
Barbour Ila S. 26-Jan-1901 22-Sep-1974 Lord, she was thine and not our own.
Barbour Olan 9-Jul-1900 9-Apr-1971  
Barbour Rellie P. 30-Apr-1895 12-Jun-1977 No sadness when I have crossed the bar.
Barbour Sadie P. 12-Nov-1901 6-Dec-1987  
Barnes Dester R. 1896 1959  
Beasley Jessie V. 1886 1944 Tender parents, faithful friends
Beasley Lettie M. 1888 1958  
Bridgers Betty Morris W. 1890 1974  
Brynildsen Howard 26-Dec-1908 11-Nov-1993 TEC4 US Army WWII
Burch Hima S. 3-Dec-1907 18-Oct-1977 In loving memory
Byrd Alice Alta 20-Sep-1924    
Byrd Callie B. 19-Feb-1896 14-Mar-1964  
Byrd Eli F. 9-Feb-1908 12-Sep-1978  
Byrd Henrietta D. 21-Apr-1881 29-Apr-1970 Wife of Richard Alex Byrd Peace through faith in God
Dupree W. Taft 5-Feb-1908 14-Feb-1952  
Dupree Wesley W. 1923 1949  
Dupree William Edward 17-Apr-1875 19-Dec-1935 A friend to his country, and a believer in Christ.
Dupree Willie T. 14-May-1878 1-Jan-1961  
Earp Aaron Wyatt 18-Dec-1935 12-Jan-1936 Son of Roy & Myrtle Earp Our darling baby, budded on earth to bloom in heaven.
Earp Dottie C. 5-Apr-1932 22-Nov-1972 An Angel at Rest
Earp Infant   22-Feb-1932 Inf. Dau. Of Grady & Eugenia Earp Our darling baby.
Earp Myrtle C. 20-Dec-1907 25-Oct-1997  
Earp Roy C. 8-Oct-1905 29-Dec-1994 Together Forever
Ellen Fred Donald 1-Jan-1920 5-Oct-1951 NC CPL 7 Cav (Inf) 1 CAV DIV (Inf) Korea
Ellen Katie C. 24-Aug-1888 7-Feb-1974  
Ennis Bobby Ray 10-Feb-1931 15-Mar-1976  
Ennis Grady J. 19-Apr-1910 23-Jun-1974  
Ennis Kenneth F., Sr. 1-Sep-1944 17-Jan-1999  
Ennis Mack 19-Mar-1950 16-Feb-1959  
Ferguson Earnest L. 21-Oct-1898 24-Nov-1963  
Ferguson Eula T. 28-Mar-1901 25-Jan-1947 Wife of E.L. Ferguson
Ferguson Henry L. 27-Jul-1927 6-May-1947 Son of E.L. & Eula Ferguson
Ferrell Clyde R. 24-Oct-1925    
Ferrell Don W. 30-Sep-1949 18-Feb-2000  
Ferrell Eunice N. 13-Jun-1930    
Ferrell Floyd 15-Nov-1882 1-Aug-1967  
Ferrell Laura Fish 8-Nov-1890 14-Aug-1980  
Ferrell Mary K. Wimberley 9-Sep-1913 26-Apr-1988 Mother
Ferrell Ray 16-Feb-1920 14-May-1965 NC PFC US Army WWII
Fish Daniel Redford 4-May-1883 11-Jul-1967  
Fish Elgia Hayes 11-Oct-1922   Mama
Fish Eliza Evelyn 15-Sep-1897 27-Dec-1983  
Fish Ezra E. 26-Nov-1882 1-Jun-1973  
Fish James D. 27-Sep-1920 14-Jan-1976 TEC4 US Army WWII Daddy, At Rest
Fish Mack Edwin 5-Nov-1894 23-Jun-1988  
Fish Mamie Williams 25-Nov-1890 9-Sep-1951 Wife of Mack E. Fish
Fowler Alene Clifton 20-Feb-1925    
Fowler Roberts Luther, Jr. 25-Aug-1921 26-Jul-1996 PFC US Army WWII
Gardner Eva 1900 1986  
Gardner Ida Mae 3-Apr-1930 20-Dec-1986  
Gardner James H. 28-Jan-1928   Asleep in Jesus
Gardner Peggy M. 23-Jul-1930 3-Sep-2000 Mother, Great is thy Faithfulness MAMA I can do all things through Christ Which strengtheneth me. Phil 4:13
Gardner Thomas O. 21-Oct-1930   Father Married 29 Oct 1949 Daddy He was faithful to his God.
Gardner Tom 1898 1950  
Gaskin Maude Surles 1-Oct-1917 13-Oct-1946  
Gordon Mary A. 4-Dec-1866 27-Dec-1949  
Gordon Sallie W. 31-Mar-1869 15-Dec-1954  
Goss Avie G. 11-Nov-1907 29-Mar-1995  
Goss Leroy M. 15-Jan-1912 3-Jun-1977  
Gregory Evelyn Louise 8-Oct-1909 13-Mar-1926 Dau. Of Wm. H. & Mabel Gregory Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God.
Gregory Mabel C. 29-Aug-1883 11-Aug-1971 Mother Father, into Thy hands I commend my spirit.
Gregory William H. 1-Jan-1871 10-Jul-1934 Father
Griner Shirley Williford 22-Jul-1933 17-May-1997 Beloved wife and mother
Harper Dollie 18-Feb-1911 4-May-1987 She loved
Harper Leon J. 1901 1981  
Harper Ruth P. 1902 1993  
Harper W. N. 30-May-1874 16-Apr-1941 He doeth all things well
Hart Elsie Grace 25-Jun-1935 8-Jun-1997 I am a child of God
Hart William Ray 25-Sep-1932   I am a child of God
Hayes Doctor Sam 13-Jul-1902 14-Sep-1947 May he rest in peace
Hendrix Baby Boy   16-Jul-1962  
Hendrix Robert L. 1939 2001  
Hendrix Robert L. 18-Jan-1939 12-Jun-2001 US Army
Hockaday J. Fred 24-Dec-1905 11-Jun-1987 PFC US Army
Hockaday Lela Currin 16-Sep-1909 31-Jul-1996  
Holmes Bessie Howell 6-Nov-1916 18-Nov-1998 Married 27 Jan 1944
Holmes Isaac V. 28-Nov-1921   "Buddy"
Honeycutt David Glenwood 4-Jan-1927 12-Jan-1993 CPL US Army WWII
Honeycutt J. Lynn 24-Oct-1885 24-Jun-1961 Thy trials ended, thy rest is won.
Honeycutt Nola S. 24-Dec-1897 13-Jun-1960  
Honeycutt Virginia J. 25-Aug-1927    
Humphries Ruby H. 7-Mar-1885 27-May-1963  
Hunt Inez Gregory 30-Sep-1906 28-Aug-1934 Wife of C.P. Hunt At Rest
Johnson Alma E. Mooneyham 1886    
Johnson Evelyn King 22-Sep-1931 31-Jan-1997  
Johnson Ira David 22-Feb-1916 29-Sep-1981 S1 US Navy WWII
Johnson James William 17-Jun-1931    
Johnson Jimmy C. 3-Jan-1935 23-Nov-1968 NC A3C US Air Force
Johnson Lucille W. 1-Jan-1942    
Johnson Margie S. 15-Aug-1920 19-Mar-2001 A loving mother
Johnson Virginia J. Adams 1915    
Johnston Ruby Lee 26-Jul-1921 11-Nov-1963  
Johnston William E. 27-May-1930    
Jones Vena H. 30-Oct-1908 29-Apr-1996  
Jordan Bonnie Lue 15-Jul-1941 15-Jul-1941  
Jordan C. C. 7-Nov-1884 29-Apr-1957  
Jordan Eugenia C. 18-Oct-1861 8-Apr-1935  
Jordan Fannie Dupree 31-Jul-1888 14-Jul-1982 His Wife
Jordan George W. 22-Jun-1920 8-Mar-1939 Son of C.C. & Fannie Jordan Gone but not forgotten
Jordan Lora Lee 21-May-1919 25-Apr-1991  
Jordan Norwood D. 7-Dec-1912 12-Mar-1986  
King Allene Partin 21-Dec-1912 10-Jun-2000 Beloved wife and mother
King Emma F. 17-Jun-1911 17-Feb-1968 Beyond the sunset
King Perry 1-Apr-1911 16-Nov-1989  
Kirby Kate J. 19-Sep-1898 8-Feb-1983  
Kirby Oscar R. 10-Nov-1901 6-Jul-1954  
Lawrence Alice C. 28-Apr-1915   In hope of Eternal Life
Lawrence Gerald F. 14-May-1942   Christ is my hope.
Lawrence Linda C. 16-Jan-1942   Married 14 Feb 1968
Lawrence Repsie B. 1920   In my Father's house are many mansions
Lawrence Robert M. 1921    
Lawrence Strokes F. 20-May-1920   Married 23 Dec 1939
Lawrence W. Paul 18-Mar-1914 2-Aug-1990  
Lee Hazel Jones 22-Jul-1897 2-Jul-1964 Mother
Lee R. W., Sr. 25-Dec-1889 5-Dec-1968 Father
Lee Raleigh Edgar, Sr. 6-Aug-1921 27-Sep-2002  
Lewis Edward Glenn 10-Oct-1936 12-Nov-1981 US Air Force A-2/C
Lewis Inez W. 16-May-1884 28-Nov-1965  
Lewis J. T. 21-Jun-1882 7-Jul-1967 Elder
Lewis Lester 1910 1995  
Lewis Lucy L. 1935 1935  
Lewis Mattie 1916    
Lewis Sallie G. 15-Oct-1851 2-Apr-1950 Wife of John S. Lewis Mother
Mangum Julia M. 17-May-1910   Wife of R.M. Mangum
Mangum Rufus M. 27-Jun-1906 10-Jan-1969  
Martin Ethel Joanne 13-Mar-1930   Beloved wife and mother
Massengill Vara W. 18-Dec-1909 16-Feb-1989 Rest in Peace
Matthews Estelle 1921 1960 Mother
Matthews Nina W. 27-Sep-1893 10-Dec-1982 Beloved how we miss you
Matthews O. Denton 8-Aug-1876 24-Mar-1951 Beloved how we miss you
Mauldin James Claude 13-Jul-1913 8-Feb-1990 Age 76
Mauldin Virginia S. 1909 1988 Age 79
McGee Delos W. 18-May-1905 16-Sep-1970  
McGee Gladys Tilly 14-Mar-1912 16-Nov-1935  
McGee Judith Ann 17-Aug-1942 20-Mar-1956  
McGee Pauline Williford 17-Mar-1905 7-May-1971  
Moore Buddie Alvin 29-Sep-1888 1-Feb-1955  
Morgan Nebraska 4-May-1880 28-Jun-1934 They loved them most, who knew them best.
Morgan Nona Maie 21-Oct-1888 9-Jan-1990 His Wife
Morris Clarence Flowers 2-Sep-1927 10-Jul-1982 Someone never to be replaced
Morris M. Edwin 28-Jan-1915 16-Sep-1979  
Morris Marvin 1884 1942  
Morris Virgil G. 9-Aug-1909 9-Jan-1950  
Newton Anna Virginia 29-Apr-1887 29-Sep-1965  
Newton Clifton D. 26-Jul-1928 20-May-1937 Son of Anna & Stonewall Newton
Newton Earl Harrison 21-Sep-1934 29-Nov-1934 Son of George & Mildred Newton
Newton Ephraim J. 2-May-1925 6-Sep-1929 Son of Stonewall J. & Anna Newton
Newton George Samuel 10-Feb-1911 13-Jan-1971 Husband of Mildred H. Newton
Newton Stonewall J. 7-May-1868 19-Jun-1936  
Nordan Allen D. 16-Apr-1904 14-Sep-1980  
Nordan Esther E. 23-Feb-1903 11-Mar-1972  
Oakley Henry E. 18-May-1858 28-May-1928  
Oakley Sarah Elizabeth Jones 17-Nov-1865 22-Mar-1950 His Wife
O'Briant Burkey F. 6-May-1916 10-Dec-1961 NC PFC SVC Btry 98 FA BN WWII
O'Briant Jimmy Ray 28-Jan-1938 30-Jul-1982  
O'Briant M. Lonie Oakley 6-Apr-1902 18-Aug-2000 Abide with me
O'Briant Sarah Ann 22-Mar-1916 18-Aug-1989  
O'Briant Theodore D. 10-Aug-1910 19-Sep-1988  
Owen Willie Watkins 31-Dec-1909 4-May-1974 A friend to man.
Paige John U. 20-Apr-1911 6-Sep-1981 At Rest
Parrish James E. 14-Apr-1922    
Parrish Louise F. 21-Oct-1921 22-Oct-1982  
Pleasant James 29-Aug-1886 10-Oct-1972 Father At Rest With Jesus
Pleasant Zora 27-Apr-1894 25-Aug-1978 Mother At Rest With Jesus
Pollard Bernice M. 31-Mar-1913 15-Jul-1985  
Pollard Edith M. 7-Jun-1914 1-Nov-1962  
Pollard Jerry W. 29-Aug-1939 13-May-1995 US Army
Pope Bettie Barnes 1898 1964  
Pope J. Eurnie 9-Sep-1901 12-Mar-1938  
Pope Vida W. 5-Jan-1911 8-Oct-1981  
Price Earl E. 6-Oct-1917 12-Sep-1995  
Price Edna N. 24-Jul-1924 29-Apr-1975  
Price Lois Pilgrim 26-Oct-1925 12-Oct-1996 Her courage, faith & love live on in the hearts of those who loved her.
Price Lyda D. 18-Jul-1901 10-Aug-1997  
Price Romie C., Sr. 19-Jul-1892 23-Jul-1975 PVT US Army WWI
Rambeau Andrew H. 9-Oct-1906 15-Feb-1973 NC TEC5 US Army WWII
Rambeau Flonie B. 28-Oct-1892 9-Aug-1978 Blessed assurance, Jesus is mine.
Rambeau Kirby S. 7-Oct-1894 15-Jun-1980  
Rambeau Mamie S. 6-Jan-1898 11-Apr-1970  
Rambeau Penny S. 10-Nov-1868 4-Oct-1946  
Rambeau Rosa Carrie 12-Aug-1907 30-Mar-1989  
Rambeau W. Carlie 29-May-1889 19-Mar-1983 In Thee have I put my trust
Rambeau William A. 7-Nov-1849 12-Oct-1918  
Reavis Edward C. 5-Sep-1887 22-Dec-1960 NC 5 GP MTD MG TNG WWI 353
Reavis Rose R. 8-Feb-1905 11-Dec-1990  
Regan Barbara Earp 3-Jan-1945 10-Jul-1989  
Sauls Betty Jean 17-Apr-1937 28-Jun-1937  
Sauls Dayton Harvel 19-May-1914 17-Oct-1986  
Sauls Ila Lee 11-Dec-1909 30-Dec-1998 At Rest
Sauls James Gerald 10-Jun-1938    
Sauls Maeruna Denning 10-Jan-1916 3-Feb-2002  
Seagroves Hettie Byrd 21-Mar-1901 31-Dec-1986 Mother
Seagroves Ozie K. 13-Apr-1922 9-Mar-1975 "Buddy" Rest in Peace
Seagroves Reese Levi 11-Jan-1921 5-Jan-1962 Peace be unto you
Seagroves Ruby Stancil 16-Oct-1914 15-Feb-1985  
Seagroves Steven Andrew 13-May-1989 15-May-1989 Son of Mr. & Mrs. Steven Seagroves God's Angel
Slaughter A. W., Jr. 1936 1936  
Slaughter Annie L. 1931 1931  
Slaughter Archie W. 26-Jan-1891 4-Sep-1955  
Slaughter Bessie W. 1896 1935  
Slaughter Dorsey W. 9-Jan-1921 18-Feb-1944 NC PVT 179 Inf. 45 Inf. Div WWII PH & OLC Gave his life in defense of his country in Italy.
Smith Andrew Jackson 21-Dec-1921 25-Nov-1989  
Smith Connie M. 7-Oct-1944 20-Sep-1962  
Smith Essie Belle Altman 21-Dec-1908 8-Mar-1987  
Smith Gladys L. 22-Aug-1909 18-Jul-1990 In God we trust
Smith Glenn Benton 10-Jul-1909 24-Nov-1975  
Smith Hattie K. 19-Feb-1909 8-Apr-1976  
Smith Hyson C. 12-Oct-1910 10-Nov-1963  
Smith J. Hubert 24-Jun-1907 10-Jun-1978  
Smith Lottie Walker 24-Sep-1908 15-Aug-1981 Wife of George Walker
Smith Mae T. Johnson 13-Sep-1913 2-Apr-1993  
Smith Mary T. 28-Dec-1921 8-May-1995  
Smith Nellie B. Beasley 18-Sep-1917 6-Jun-1975 Sister
Smith Rebecca Adams 12-Apr-1923 13-Jul-1964  
Smith Thomas F. 16-Dec-1922 24-Nov-1998  
Smith William Clarence 23-Oct-1902 10-Aug-1944  
Smith Willie Howard 6-Jan-1915 28-Apr-1974  
Spivey Collie P. 12-Sep-1909 5-Jun-1996  
Spivey J. B. 10-Nov-1872    
Spivey Kinchen L. 24-Feb-1905 30-Oct-1961  
Spivey Mossie 1904 1948  
Spivey Purvis 1902 1956  
Spivey Sallie A. Nov-1882 7-Dec-1937  
Sprayberry G. Ronnie 30-Apr-1984 2-May-1997 Son
Sprayberry Melissa H. 10-Jan-1964   Mother Forever my son, forever a friend- until we meet again.
Stanley Franklin D. 14-Dec-1950 30-Sep-1972 NC SGT 317 Supply SQ AF Vietnam
Stephenson Bessie Liza 9-Oct-1913 23-Nov-1954 Age 31
Stephenson Della G. 2-Jun-1880 19-Jun-1971 In loving memory
Stephenson Etta H. 1906 1961  
Stephenson Inez C. 2-Apr-1911 30-Mar-1994  
Stephenson J. Curtis 30-Nov-1913 20-Oct-1975 In memory
Stephenson James Curtis 31nov1913 20-Oct-1975  
Stephenson Mary Dupree 15-Dec-1874 17-May-1969  
Stephenson Mary Y. 14-Dec-1920 21-Aug-1993  
Stephenson Mattie V. 1884 1975  
Stephenson Odie 1908 1979  
Stephenson Onslow S. 17-Jun-1907 1-May-1988  
Stephenson Roy D. 23-Mar-1924 15-Jun-1974  
Stephenson Thelma Morris 8-Oct-1911 1-Jan-1998 Married 11 Oct 1938
Stephenson Willie H. 1878 1961  
Stuck Roy C. 27-Oct-1918 24-Mar-2001 In Heaven's Arms
Stuck Thelma S. 29-Oct-1924   Married 5 Nov 1939
Surles Alda Stewart 25-May-1887 24-Mar-1953  
Surles Fred 29-Jan-1920 8-Feb-1967  
Surles Lona Mae 8-Sep-1909 3-May-1971  
Surles Lottie M. 23-Jun-1923 9-Jan-1971  
Surles Lucille Haire 15-Nov-1935 15-Jul-1978  
Surles McCondeary 11-Oct-1880 1-Sep-1949  
Surles William C. 12-Feb-1913 24-Mar-1953 Asleep in Jesus
Talley Willie Lambeth   1937 Inf. Son of Mr. & Mrs. Elbert L. Talley
Talley Willie Lee Morgan 1914 1937 Wife of Elbert L. Talley
Taylor Betty S. 1911 1983 In God's Care
Taylor Clarence 5-Jul-1896 23-Apr-1979 Together Forever
Taylor Flossie S. 29-Sep-1895 24-Oct-1967  
Taylor Maggie P. 31-Jul-1900 18-Jun-1992  
Taylor Michael Joe 22-Jan-1962 25-Oct-1976 Asleep in Jesus
Taylor Mildred Smith 27-Mar-1913 6-Jan-2001 Enter thee into thy reward
Taylor William H. 17-Dec-1890 29-May-1974  
Taylor Willie 9-Jan-1923 23-Sep-1990 PFC US Marine Corps WWII
Tripp Dwight Edwin 14-Aug-1938   Married 3 Jun 1962
Tripp Nancy Dupree 4-Jan-1940    
Tudor John M., Jr. 30-Oct-1924 18-Aug-1970 NC CPL Field Artillery WWII
Tudor John Maddison 22-Mar-1890 24-Sep-1951  
Tudor Vivette Currin 3-Jun-1904 15-Jan-1976  
Turner Annie Lee D. 20-Nov-1915 21-Jun-1949  
Van Stavern Shirley Collins Alvis 20-Oct-1934 15-Sep-2001 Age 66
Walker George 7-May-1911 13-Aug-1935 In loving memory
Wallace David B. 27-Jul-1898 10-Apr-1972  
Wallace Lillian S. 18-Oct-1898 4-Nov-1982  
Walliford Thelbert Jonah 4-Jun-1910 12-Oct-1931 How did our home benefit of thee
Walls Sadie Harper 7-Apr-1901 29-Dec-1957 The Lord is my Shepherd
Ward Mary P. 10-Sep-1885 4-Oct-1960 Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord
Ward W. Thomas 8-May-1878 3-Sep-1940 Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord
Watkins Timothy M. 12-Sep-1956 26-Apr-1975  
Watkins William T. 23-Jan-1947 13-Nov-1964  
Weaver Alice P. 20-Feb-1936   Now cometh rest
Weaver Gertrude A. 12-Aug-1898 1-May-1990  
Weaver Mary Alice 5-Jun-1939 10-Aug-2000  
Weaver Owen E. 29-Mar-1932 10-Feb-1975 PFC US Army
Weaver Paul E. 2-Jun-1900 7-Sep-1979 The Lord is my Shepherd
Wells Brownie H. 8-Oct-1924 8-Jan-1989  
Wells Herndon L. 28-Jun-1922    
Williams Benton F. 1862 1934  
Williams Della C. 19-Apr-1882 29-May-1965  
Williams Grover B. 11-Aug-1908 2-Sep-1954 NC TEC3 68 General Hosp. WWII
Williams J. Callie 5-May-1874 8-May-1939  
Williams Jacob C. 1913 1981 PVT US Army
Williams James Henry     RM3 US Navy WWII
Williams John Ivey, Jr. 1-Sep-1910 1-Nov-1980 "Buck"
Williams John Ivey, Sr. 25-Jun-1878 13-Sep-1960  
Williams Lillie Moore 1-Feb-1878 29-Oct-1967  
Williams Naomi Mills 23-Nov-1913 22-Oct-1999  
Williams S. Katherine Denning 15-Mar-1886 23-Mar-1962 His Wife
Williford Evelyn Doris 25-Dec-1926 19-Oct-1995  
Williford Gracie 5-Dec-1888 20-Jun-1943  
Williford Harold Clifton 28-Jul-1933 18-Oct-1987 PFC US Army
Williford Helbert L. 15-Jul-1911 2-Oct-1970 NC PVT 33 Infantry
Williford Johnnie 20-Dec-1892 12-Feb-1982  
Williford Lewis H. 18-Feb-1890 14-Apr-1935  
Williford Lewis H. 9-Jan-1932 12-May-1993 US Army Korea
Williford Minnie H. 6-Jan-1900 5-May-1980  
Williford Ollie 20-Jan-1889 16-Feb-1968  
Williford Pearl V. 19-Mar-1893 22-May-1976  
Williford Thelbert Jonah 4-Jun-1910 12-Oct-1931 How desolate our home bereft of thee.
Wilson A. D. 24-May-1886 6-Jul-1943  
Wilson Evelyn J. 4-Oct-1921 13-Aug-1998  
Wilson Hannibal 12-Sep-1911    
Wilson Lillie B. 18-Apr-1895 19-Mar-1966  
Wimberley Durcy G. 8-Apr-1900 23-Jun-1948  
Wimberley Joseph J. 12-May-1878 11-May-1934  
Wimberley Mary D. 2-Aug-1881 22-Dec-1931  
Wimberley Roger O. 26-Nov-1903 7-Dec-1951 Father
Womach Michael J. 21-Apr-1939 2-Nov-1939 Son of A.D., Jr. & M.A. Womach Gone to be an angel
Wood Hazel E. 15-Aug-1917    
Wood Hazel Wilson 2-Apr-1918 14-Oct-1999  
Wood Herman F., Sr. 13-Mar-1914 21-Apr-1987  
Wood William Howard 10-May-1910 9-Jan-1990 Married 12 Nov 1940
Young T. B., Jr. 22-Oct-1919 5-Sep-1945 Sweetly sleeping
Zacny Carl J. 14-Apr-1916 28-Dec-1992 Safely home, In Heaven at last.