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Hwy 210, E Depot st. and Willow st., Angier, NC.
GPS Co-ordinates: N 35 30.440' W 078 44.207' Elev. 325'

Surveyed on Dec. 21, 2002. This is a complete listing except for any unmarked graves. Transcribed and compiled from photographs taken at the cemetery by Julia Gambrell.

If you believe that you see an error or an omission and would like us to update this list, please send us the information. Click here to make an update request.

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Last Name First Name Middle Birth Date Death Date Title or Epitaph
Adams Leroy 1930 2002  
Allen Annie L. 1918 1998  
Alston James H. 1924 1990  
Amerson Annie R. 4-Sep-1926 16-May-1990  
Amerson Carl 14-Apr-1958 1983 SGT.
Amerson Roscoe Jr. 1934 1991  
Amerson Sandra 1948 2002  
Amerson Wilbert Demetrius 24-Apr-1978 25-Apr-1997 Son
Armfield Bertha L. 27-Feb-1917 2-Oct-1991  
Armfield James 1941 1999  
Auiston John D. 1915 1981  
Baker Minnie C. 16-Aug-1871 4-Feb-1935  
Ballentine Christa L. 1983 1984  
Ballentine Coldon C. 7-Mar-1900 10-Jan-1972  
Ballentine Harold Lee 19-Mar-1967 27-Aug-1992  
Ballentine Leonard 1940 1980  
Ballentine Otis 1932 1982  
Ballentine Sophronia B. 3-Aug-1891 16-Oct-1971  
Barnes Geneva 1918 1985  
Baskerville Bernice B. 13-Jul-1927 6-Dec-1989  
Baskerville Daniel 1923 1999  
Blalock Edousia 1911 2000  
Blalock Edward P. 16-Nov-1904 15-May-1981  
Bragg Runell C. 22-Oct-1951 29-Jul-1999 With Love Always
Brown Katie 17-Mar-1900 7-Aug-1972  
Campbell Lola R. 10-Aug-1914 14-Jun-1982  
Ceasar Louise Ballentine 3-Apr-1920 16-Jun-1996  
Chambers Minnie L. 28-Sep-1924 17-Nov-1976  
Chatmon Elizabeth 1915 2000  
Chatmon Samuel 18-Apr-1913 29-Aug-1954 Gone but not forgotten
Chatmon Samuel C., Jr. 2-Mar-1936 4-Sep-1997 A3C US Air Force Korea
Cheek Phebe E. 1878 1940  
Cheek Rufus E. 3-Sep-1906 24-Aug-1982  
Cheek William 1865 1969  
China Nannie S. 1923 1990  
China Virginia Lee 18-Nov-1951 25-Dec-1972  
Clark Lector Mae 2-Apr-1915 20-Jun-1987  
Clark Tanecha Janece   27-Jun-1993 Infant
Cofield Sally M. 1914 1981  
Covington Lizzie L. 1913 1983  
Covington Solomon 1965 1999  
Cox Mary J. 1944 1984  
Crews Sallie J. 1926 1983  
Cutts Andrew 10-May-1846 16-Oct-1904  
Cutts Annie Maude Cofield 2-Jul-1923 11-Jun-1999  
Cutts Elizabeth   14-May-1925 Aged 82 years, Asleep In Jesus
Cutts Henry Rayfield 30-Jun-1919 1-Mar-1974 NC TEC4 US Army WWII
Cutts Isaac 25-Jun-1878 2-Feb-1957  
Cutts J. P. 15-Dec-1890 29-Aug-1946  
Cutts Lee A. 31-Oct-1884 1-May-1965  
Cutts Maude L., Mrs. 1898 1986  
Cutts Rudolph 21-Jan-1921 20-Jan-1974 In loving memory
Davis Agne      
Davis Jerry 1928 1981  
Davis LaToya D. 8-Oct-1984 9-May-1995  
Deberry Absloom 1925 1993  
Deberry Charles R. 1921 1996  
DeBerry Charlie J. 18-Jun-1894 2-Aug-1967 NC PVT US Army WWI
DeBerry Chief L. 1905 1983  
Deberry Florence Fuller 3-Oct-1896 19-Feb-1984 Mother
Deberry Louis R., Sr. 25-Aug-1934 13-Jan-1987  
Dennis Inez N. 1921 1983  
Dennis Purvis 1914 1994  
DeWar Alberta M. 1907 1982  
DeWar Hubert 18-Dec-1907 21-Dec-1969 NC PVT Army WWII
DeWar James H. 1947 1991  
Dove Mack 1925 1975  
Dove Vessie McKoy 14-Oct-1904 22-Apr-1992  
Dudley Belinda A. 1963 1989  
Dudley Doris A. 8-Dec-1901 21-Mar-1993  
Dudley Dorothy Ellis 25-Mar-1923    
Dudley Dorothy L. 1950 1997  
Dudley James 1943 1997  
Dudley James Junior 31-Jan-1916 17-Sep-1976  
Evans Helen Y. 1919 1996  
Faison Frank 26-Jun-1913 12-Dec-1985  
Fuell Edna P. 1926 1996  
Fuller Fred 1905 1984  
Gilchrist Dollie F. 1944 1990  
Green Julia A. 11-May-1925 24-May-1993  
Greene Rosabelle 22-Aug-1898 12-Dec-1975  
Gulley Annie M. 9-Jun-1929 11-Jan-1991 The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want. Children Bennie Ray, Mary Anne, Frances O., William A., Wilson C., John L., Larry K., Annie Ruth.
Gulley Felton 21-May-1921 16-Dec-1989 TEC5 US Army WWII
Hicks Irene M. 25-Nov-1905 14-Aug-1969  
Hill Geraldine D. 1936 1982  
Hinton Betty M. 1949 1997  
Holland Lucy 25-Jun-1849 18-May-1929 Grandmother
Holmes Belle W. 18-Sep-1900 7-Aug-1992 Rest in peace
Howerton Glenda Gale 7-Nov-1959 11-Jul-1992  
Howerton Maude DeBerry 5-Aug-1917 3-Aug-1949  
James Hazeline Lassiter 25-May-1960 24-Dec-2001 In loving memory
James Julia 1908 1998  
James Koby   24-Feb-1998  
Johnson Aggie N. 1928 1980  
Johnson Elder Wesley 1-Sep-1944 22-Feb-1993  
Johnson Maggie B. 1925 1984  
Johnson Maggie N. 1928 1980  
Johnson Nathan 17-Sep-1910 25-Nov-1993  
Johnson Sammie L., Sr. 20-Jul-1941 16-Oct-1996  
Koon Mary P. 1926 1985  
Lanier Doris 1939 2001  
Lassiter Benjamin Jr. 27-Dec-1946 9-Mar-1998 PFC US Army Vietnam
Lassiter Benjamin F., Sr. 8-Sep-1927   Precious Memories
Lassiter Delia S. 30-Aug-1926 30-Mar-1999  
Lassiter Geraldine Wiggins 1964 2002  
Lassiter James 1937 1985  
Leach Anna 20-Aug-1900 14-Apr-1989 In loving memory "Brownman" and your children
Lee Daisy V. 4-Jan-1912 9-Feb-1968  
Liles Annie Lee 23-Mar-1937 15-Dec-2001  
Liles Bishop Lonnie 11-Jul-1928 21-Oct-1991  
Liles Leroy 2-Oct-1930 15-Apr-1998  
Lyons Beatrice McKoy 8-Jul-1933 3-Feb-1990  
Mack Frank 1931 1975  
Major Eddie 15-Dec-1872 22-May-1948  
Major Ervin 1903 1973  
Major Martha 21-Jan-1874 29-Nov-1945  
Manning Lacie L. 28-Apr-1920    
Martin Carlie R. 28-Oct-1910 6-May-1990  
Massey Suzanne 1957 1986  
Matthews Clyde A. 1917 1990  
Matthews Delaney I. 1921 1983  
Matthews Ida D. 1888    
Matthews M. L. 1881 1957  
Matthews Mary E. 1903 1979  
Matthews Terry D. 19-Jan-1951 13-Jul-1973  
Maxwell David L. 1950 2002  
Maxwell Hattie M. 1936 1997  
McAllister Maude 1894 1981  
McArthur Mary L. 1908 1982  
McClain Debra 1958 2002  
McCoy Jim 14-Feb-1875 16-Sep-1935  
McCray Mary E. 1934 1997  
McDonald Ernest 27-Apr-1927 3-Dec-1994  
McDonald Helen I. 25-Aug-1929    
McDonald John F. 1912 1981  
McGilberry Pauline 1919 1997  
McGuire Geraldine Liles 13-Aug-1945 4-May-2001  
McKoy Annie Wilkins 30-Sep-1898 23-Jun-1970  
McKoy Baby   1961  
McKoy Bishop Paul 14-Jan-1906 26-Aug-1982  
McKoy Carl 1937 2002  
McKoy Cary R. 17-Dec-1916 14-Feb-1989  
McKoy Eddie 22-May-1943 17-Feb-1984  
McKoy Elsie N., Mrs. 2-Sep-1912 2-Sep-1973  
McKoy Hattie M. 21-Apr-1891 16-Mar-1982  
McKoy Jim 14-Feb-1875 16-Sep-1935  
McKoy John Daniel 26-Apr-1914 11-Feb-1998 Beloved Husband and Father.
McKoy John D. 18-Apr-1939 30-Dec-1994  
McKoy Larry 26-Jul-1947 21-May-1984  
McKoy Mack 27-Nov-1906 18-Jan-1981  
McKoy Mezzie A.      
McKoy O. A. 12-Aug-1889 2-Nov-1978  
McKoy Oscar R. 4-Jul-1927 4-Dec-1985  
McKoy Sallie 4-Aug-1873 27-May-1968  
McKoy Walter 1934 1981  
McKoy Warren H. 12-Sep-1922 10-Oct-1989 US Army WWII
McKoy Willie 22-Nov-1911 22-Jan-1982  
McLaughlin Alice L. 1-Apr-1893 29-Aug-1942  
McLaughlin Charles B. 16-Jun-1930 19-Apr-1967 NC PFC CE USAR
McLaughlin Garner M. 1919 1979  
McLaughlin Lenwood L. 23-Jun-1892 29-Jan-1964  
McLaughlin   1919 1979  
McLean Ella R. 1931 1981  
McLean John H. 1905 1979  
McLean Mary DeWar 30-Jul-1907 30-Aug-1992  
McLean Rochelle      
McLean Thelma 1924 2002  
McLeod Mack N. 19-May-1919 25-Jan-1974 PVT US Army WWII
McNeill   1945 1984  
Meadows E. Anthony      
Monroe James Sr. 15-Sep-1915 19-Mar-1992  
Monroe Judy F. 1949 1978  
Montgomery Dollie B. 23-Aug-1921 26-Sep-1997  
Montgomery Geraldine 1954 1997  
Montgomery Mary China 25-Jul-1943 25-Dec-1972  
Montgomery Samuel 1948 2000  
Moore Andrew 5-Jul-1915 30-Sep-1984 Father
Murphy Alene 6-Jun-1929 23-Oct-1983  
Nicholson Esta S. 1966 1988  
Overby Annie Bell Leak 15-Jun-1914 3-Jan-1950 Beloved Mother.
Overby Bennie Sr. 15-Jul-1909 25-Sep-1976 Beloved Father, Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord, they may rest from their labours.
Overby Benny Ray 10-Feb-1934 3-Aug-1996  
Overby Frances Elliott 30-Oct-1905 18-Oct-1974 In loving memory
Overby John L. 28-Mar-1942 1-Feb-1981 US Army Vietnam
Overby Lucy T.      
Overby Reginald Bernard 7-Jan-1972 28-Mar-2001  
Parker Marion 25-Dec-1913 22-Apr-1975  
Parker Smart 1914 1999  
Partrige Rosa   Mar-1936  
Pearson Joseph 28-May-1948 19-Jul-1966  
Pearson Katie R. 31-Jul-1920 2-Jan-1978  
Pearson Samuel 12-Sep-1919 4-Jan-1995  
Peirce Laura D. 22-Mar-1956 10-Jul-1973 Rest in peace
Perry James N. 2-Feb-1909 11-Sep-1981  
Perry Lillie 14-Sep-1886 31-Dec-1978 Beloved Mother.
Perry Richard 1910 2001  
Perry Zabulon P., Jr. 14-Jul-1915 19-Sep-1980 PFC US Army WWII
Pierce Lena Bell 12-Oct-1900 6-Nov-1994  
Pierce Roy 1932 1994  
Poole Arnetta Cheek 4-Jan-1949 16-Nov-1972  
Prince Bessie L. 13-Jul-1919 3-Mar-1990  
Prince Naomi 25-Nov-1927 5-Feb-1989 Precious Lord Take My Hand
Prince Rufus E. 14-Jul-1926 3-Jan-1997  
Rae Mary Lene 19-Jun-1918 19-Dec-1944 Sister
Ragland Elnora L. 19-Nov-1912 19-Jun-1993  
Ragland Joseph 29-Jun-1923 3-Aug-1988  
Ragland Mack Duffie 10-Oct-1886 24-Jun-1963  
Ragland Mack 1-Jun-1917 25-Aug-2001  
Ragland Mollie F. Cutts 24-Nov-1883 2-Dec-1962  
Ragland Roscoe 1908 1986  
Ragland Shawfell 3-Sep-1933 26-Dec-1966  
Ragland Thomas 29-Sep-1914 10-Oct-1968 SN US Navy WWII
Ragland Willie Mae P. 28-Jul-1926    
Ragland? Thomas     Thomas was on a wooden board near the Ragland headstone in 1986
Ragland? V. Buren     V. Buren was on a wooden board near the Ragland headstone in 1986
Raines Margaret A. Pearson 23-Dec-1954 22-Jun-1997  
Richardson David 1919 1985  
Royster Roy 1963 1996  
Ruffin Mattie 1906 2000  
Shipman Martha B. 1906 1979  
Shipman Titiyana   22-Feb-1999  
Singletary Martha H. Liles 10-Oct-1943 17-Oct-1982  
Smith Garfield 22-Sep-1932 12-Feb-1996 In loving memory
Smith Isiah 10-Aug-1900 9-Apr-1976  
Smith John D.      
Smith Linda B. 1934 1983  
Smith Reggie 11-Nov-1974 4-Feb-1999  
Smith Robert H. 1919 1982  
Smith Sarah 8-Apr-1896 11-Jul-1986  
Stephen Ollie 1916 1983  
Stephens Maggie L. 1887 1981  
Stephens William M. 8-Oct-1911 11-Mar-1986  
Stewart A. Viola 2-Sep-1902 27-Aug-1960  
Stewart Archibald E. 1952 1984  
Stewart Curtis L. 1938 1976  
Stewart Edison D. 30-Dec-1901 29-Oct-1974  
Stewart G. Vernon 22-May-1906 6-Feb-1995  
Stewart James 1920 1983  
Stewart John L. 3-Jan-1909 22-Nov-1943 Son of W.D. Stewart
Stewart Lenora J. 3-Jun-1878 31-May-1943 Wife of W.D. Stewart, At Rest
Stewart Lucy N. 3-Dec-1903 29-Jan-1995  
Stewart Mary A. 5-Jul-1912 15-Aug-1975  
Stewart Vera 29-Sep-1904 11-May-1976 Age 76 years
Stokes Mary Lene Rae 19-Jun-1918 19-Dec-1944  
Stokes Monroe 24-Dec-1909 2-Feb-1972 Brother
Stokes Tom 10-Jul-1867 7-May-1932 Father
Stokes Vessie 18-Jan-1885 2-Jul-1963 Mother
Stubbs Deric 1966 1977  
Suitt John 1908 1982  
Talton Curtis Jr. 11-May-1955 22-Oct-2001  
Talton Hollie C. 24-Dec-1904 10-Jan-1985  
Talton Jack Sr. 12-Apr-1912 22-Sep-1967  
Talton Joeand 12-Mar-1913 3-May-1986  
Talton Oscar James 1896 1978 PFC US Army WWI
Talton Oscar James 5-Aug-1897 15-Mar-1978  
Talton William M. 13-Apr-1925 5-May-1962 CS2 US Navy
Taylor Katie 8-May-1907 15-Apr-1958  
Taylor Polly Stokes 29-Mar-1919 29-Jul-1977  
Taylor Will 31-Jul-1900 17-Feb-1967  
Tucker Mattie C. 12-Mar-1887 26-Jun-1952  
Vandergriff Colean Y. 17-Jan-1921 5-Oct-1995 Praise the Lord, I'm Free
Vandergriff Harry Howard, Rev. 14-Feb-1924 8-Nov-1993 Gone Home
Walker James Fitzgerald 20-Nov-1961 6-Aug-1980  
Walthoor Caesar 1938 1995  
Walton Vera C. 14-Mar-1924 11-Dec-1971  
Wilkins Mary   Oct-1927  
Williams Effie 1903 1988  
Williams Eva W. 1921 1976  
Williams Lacy B. 11-Oct-1920 27-Feb-1976  
Williams Lucy McKoy 17-Aug-1933 16-Sep-1998 Rest in peace
Williams Vanessa Louise 1973 1989  
Williamws Henry C. 27-Feb-1914 2-Apr-1995 TEC5 US Army WWII
Willis Leroy 1959 2000  
Wilson Matthew 25-May-1925 28-May-1969 NC PVT 3400 SVG Comd Unit WWII
Wright Chellie B. 25-Oct-1895 17-Nov-1971  
Wright George W., Rev. 20-Aug-1888 28-Aug-1990  
Wright Malighi 23-Apr-1933 18-Sep-1986 PFC US Army Korea
Wynne Mary 1932 2002  
York Milton Jr. 1945 2002  
Young James P. 2-Apr-1941 4-May-1999 Free at last
Zimmerman Nellie 1942 2002